Thursday, July 29, 2010

New support for business women in Palestine

WITH just three per cent of the business-owned community in Palestine being made up of women CIPE (Centre for International Private Enterprise) is working hard to re-dress the balance.

Over the next few weeks CIPE is releasing a series of success story video clips in which partners talk about their successes in advocating for local entrepreneurship initiatives.

In Palestine these private sector organisations are advocating for policies that remove barriers to create a more level playing field for entrepreneurs to create the jobs and opportunities the region needs.

In this video listen to how the Executive Director of the Palastinian Busines Women Forum (BWF) plans to increase the numbers of women entrepreneurs throughout the region.

Maggie O'Carroll, Executive Director for Train 2000, said: "In so manmy part of the world the numbers of women entrepreneurs are still very low and often it is because women are not given the right resources they need to help them overcome the barriers they face.

"It is interesting to see the work that is being done by BWF in Palestine to help tackle this very important and ongoing issue."

At Train 2000 we offer a variety of FREE services to women throught the Merseyside and Greater Manchester areas to help them into self-employment. And, with the development of the new Women's International Centre for Economic Development (WICED) which is set to open in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool later this year it is anticipated that an even greater number of women-led businessess will be developed in the region over the forthcoming years.

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