Thursday, August 5, 2010

Southport businesswoman sets up new tuition agency

WHEN Amanda Smith had her fourth child it gave her the final push she needed to become her own boss - and within just months her private tuition agency ‘Southport Tutors’ was up and running.

“When I had my fourth child, I just couldn’t face going back into the workforce and leaving her everyday” said Amanda, “so I took the plunge and decided to become self-employed and although it was a difficult decision to make I’m so glad that I did it.”

Now 40-year-old Amanda, who is from Southport, offers private tuition to pupils across all subjects, within Merseyside and Lancashire.

“Already I have students on my books” said Amanda, “I have been extremely pleased with the response I have had so far to my business advertising. I offer the full range of subjects, right up to A’ level and beyond if the demand arises.”

Whilst Amanda does some of the tutoring herself at the moment – through the agency, she is taking on other personal tutors and matching them up with the needs of her students.

She explained: “Parents have contacted me because their children need support in many subject areas such as Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and English to name just a few. And, probably the most challenging aspect of running my own business so far has been finding tutors to deliver the vast array of subjects that are in demand, but I am building this side of the agency up all the time.”

Amanda, who was formerly a lecturer in Performing Arts and Creative Writing in the Further Education sector, came along to Train 2000 prior to going into self-employment where she received help and advice under the business start-up programme.

“Train 2000 was of great benefit to me and really helped me along the way” said Amanda, “I had several sessions with my adviser Rhian who met up with me in the Southport area. She took me through the stages involved in putting a business plan together which proved to be extremely useful.”

Amanda says that she is ‘determined to make the business work’ and adds she thoroughly enjoys being her own boss and can’t imagine going back to being told what to do by an employer again.

Southport Tutors provides private academic tuition and Learning for Pleasure courses in and around the Southport area and anyone interested in finding out more should visit or email Amanda at

And if you would like to find out more about Train 2000 visit or call 0151 236 6601

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