Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Confidence Boost for Sefton Mums with Stepclever

Train 2000 were delighted to be able to offer support to Sefton mums this week who we needing a confidence boost as part of their Stepclever support. Seaforth Children's Centre invited Train 2000 to deliver a 'Recognise Your Potential' workshop as part of their 'Well Woman' programme this week.

The half day workshop focussed on confidence building particularly looking at:
-Using Positive Words
-Identifying Achievements
-Positive Characterisitcs
-Looking at a Cognitive Behaviour Triangle
-Postive/Negative Body Language and Relationships
-Identifying Skills
-Making a Positive Plan for the Future

The mums who attended from Seaforth and Bootle commented that taking time out for themselves to do some training was essential for reminding them that they are more than just 'mum'.

Train 2000's engagement worker Joanne Austin who delivered the session commented "It was encouraging to see the positivity grow over the course of the workshop. I was so pleased that each and every woman went away with a postive goal of using their skills to get themselves back into work. They started to believe that they can carve out a career that they had started to doubt they could have".

Some of the comments from the women who attended included:

"It was very useful. It helped me think more - positive not negative."

"I've enjoyed all aspects of the session. It's good to get the mind active again. Also it's good to identify some of our strengths adn skills."

"This session was interesting and there was positive advice given. I really did enjoy it and learned a lot about myself. Thank you."

"This session was great, loved it! Was very good advice given."

"Positive, friendly."

If you are a woman from the Merseyside area who would like support building your confidence before returning to employement or considering self employment then call our team on 0151 236 6601 for details of our Personal Development courses.

For more information on how Stepclever can support those in South Sefton and North Liverpool visit

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