Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New start for Knowsley Businesswoman

AFTER being made redundant from her position as PA to the Ambassador of Liverpool mother-of-two Joy Lorenz did not like the prospect of being unemployed – and instead of searching for a new job she took the decision to start up her own business.

And now through her business Black Frost she is providing handmade cards, invites, table decorations and all those little extras needed for a party – to her customers throughout the Knowsley area and beyond.

“Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to have my own business” said Joy “so, although it came as a real blow to loose my job, it was actually a blessing in disguise because it provided me with this opportunity to be my own boss.”

Having always been asked by friends and family to help organise parties, invitations and decorate tables Joy decided that this could be a viable business idea – and after using her sister’s wedding as a trial for her business, she knew it was time to make a go of it.

She said: “Although I have spent most of my career working in an office environment I have always been interested in crafts, knitting and tapestry and I am really enjoying being able to do something that was once a hobby, as my work now”

36-year-old Joy who is mum to her two children aged 17 and 12 said that because her youngest child is autistic and needs additional help she had previously been looking at ways to spend extra time with him.

“When I was working fulltime” continued Joy “I couldn’t be at home as much as I wanted to, but becoming self-employed has changed all that for me. I have now the chance to be more flexible and it really is great for the whole family.”

Prior to starting up her business Joy came along to Train 2000 where she received one-to-one business advice, under the business start-up programme. She worked with a business adviser who supported her in putting a business plan together.

Joy said: “If it wasn’t for Train 2000 there is no way I could have started up my own business. There was so much to learn about becoming self-employed and the help I received in putting my business plan together was invaluable.”

As Joy builds up her business, she is hoping in the future to be able to offer party weekend and themed weekends in what she describes as ‘unusual’ locations.

“It might be some way off yet” said Joy, “but continuing with my party theme I would like to be able to offer party weekends, for occasions such as Valentines Day and Halloween and any other occasions that people would like a party weekend for. But for now, I am happy to just build the business up that I have go and expand later.

“I have always wanted to be self-employed and I really do love it. I feel as though I am living my dream.”

To find out more about Joy’s work visit www.blackfrostcards.com or contact her on 07592 129848 or email joy.lorenz@blackforestcards.com

And, if you are a woman from the Merseyside or Greater Manchester area and are interested in starting up your own business please call Train 2000 on 0151 236 6601 or visit www.train2000.org.uk

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