Monday, May 23, 2011

Calling Women Artists - Exhibition Opportunity Sefton

Submissions from women artists are invited for an exhibition presented at the Waterfront Gallery, The Promenade, Southport from 7TH JULY 2011.

'Husk' is an exhibition with the theme of 'Human Remains' being headed up by The Women's Organisation client and artist Ruth Ainsworth.

Artists are asked to submit work which responds in any media to the definitions/words below:

Longmans; ₁ husk/husk/ n 1 a typically dry or membranous outer covering of a seed or fruit 2 the esp. worthless outer layer of something;
a shell [ME, prob modif of MD huuskijn, dim.of huus house, cover] – husky adj
₂husk vt to strip the husk from – husker n Oxford; husk, shell, case, carapace, integument, pod, framework, frame, structure, chassis, hull, skeleton.

The final pieces will join specially commissioned work by women artists from the Waterfront Gallery. Work will be chosen for its visceral quality and ability to leave a lasting impression on its viewer. digital/video/performance/photography/painting/drawing/sculpture – all media welcome…

If you are interested in finding out more or discussing possible ideas for exhibition then contact:

Ruth Ainsworth
01704 570323

Initially entries should be sent by digital image emailed to no later than FRIDAY 24th June 2011. Selected artworks to be delivered by FRIDAY 1st JULY 2011. For full Terms and Conditions visit:

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