Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canadian Woman Means Business on Liverpool Art Scene

Having finished her Arts degree in Toronto, Heather aged just 21 took the brave step of moving to the UK to further her career. Attending Imperial College London Heather completed her MBA before deciding to move to Liverpool when an employment opportunity arose within the arts.

“I wanted to explore bigger cities than Toronto” said Heather. “The Art market in the UK is much more International than in Canada in terms of whom you meet and have the opportunity to work with. The commercial market for arts is much stronger too in my opinion. It’s funny, I had a lack of fear at the time of moving. It could have gone so wrong, but it’s worked out well.”

When moving to Liverpool Heather found employment at FACT and started to work with other local arts organisations developing her experience in Arts and Curating. However, having completed her MBA she felt the pull to use her skills to be “more entrepreneurial”.

“I like having my fingers in different pots and there is a lot of art and culture happening in Liverpool. I felt like there was a need for freelance and independent curators and consultants who could see what’s out there and pull everything together.”

Seven years on from uprooting, Heather came to The Women’s Organisation to work with a business adviser on her business plan and funding application. She said, “The best thing about working with The Women’s Organisation was having someone to kick me into doing it. Just having someone to talk to makes it more real. Coming to their beautiful new building gives you confidence to take yourself seriously, like it was made for you.”

Following her passion for art, Heather is now operating as ‘Heather Corcoran, Consultant and Curator’ offering her services to local artists and arts organisations. She specialises particularly in working with digital art and media art working towards producing exhibitions and works of art, assisting with arts fund raising and working as a freelance curator.

“One thing I have learned in the process that I think is an important tip for other women thinking of going self-employed is: Harness those networks you have developed over the years through your employment or experience. Consolidate those contacts and let them know what you are doing and that you are available.”

One of Heather’s favourite artists Nam June Park recently came to Liverpool via exhibitions at FACT and Tate Gallery. She is keen to see more high profile artists exhibiting in the region. To find out more about the services Heather can offer you can contact her on

If like Heather you are interested in starting up your own business call The Women’s Organisation on 0151 706 8111 and find out about the range of FREE services we can offer. You can also email or visit

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