Friday, July 22, 2011

The Women's Organisation Supporting International Female Entrepreneurship

The Women's Organisation are proud to be connecting with and supporting female entrepreneurship worldwide. One particular finalist of the Electrolux design challenge this year caught our eye.

Roseanne de Bruin (New Zealand) made a game out of blending a smoothie at home with the Smoobo Blender. Bounce this space age ball around and the kinetic energy gets the blades moving.

Every year Electrolux puts out a brief on one of today’s design challenges. Open to design students who dare to dream about ever-advancing household convenience, it’s fun to see the innovation that emerges. This year’s brief for “intelligent mobility” is explained here in this video.

“From a field of 1,300, the top 25 concepts have been chosen from designers based in 14 countries across the world. Australia, New Zealand and Poland are represented by three entries each whilst Canada, the Czech Republic, France, South Korea and the USA have two representatives each.”

Just 3 Female 'Design Students Who Shake The Kitchen Loose' have had their products named as 'Household Appliances of the Future' by Electrolux as the selected finalists.

Finalist Roseanne de Bruin is following family trend in paving the way for female enterpreneurship. Her mother Professor Anne de Bruin is currently working with The Women's Organisation as one of the WICED panel of experts, pooling international knowledge to champion women's economic development.


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