Friday, March 22, 2013

Claim Your £50 Back to Work Grant!

The Women's Organisation have been working in partnerhsip with Liverpool in Work and Liverpool City Council to support local unemployed women back into work under the 'Women's Enterprise Programme. As the project enters its final phase we are taking a moment to reflect.

The Women's Organisation have not only been offering their enterprise advice and support (See Mo's story), but have been working with women to support them with finding employment.

The 2 day 'How to Get the Job You Want' course that has been running regularly in Liverpool has been an opportunity for women to think differently about their approach to the job application and interview process.

One woman who contacted us this week to let us know she has now found employment told us:

"I was so pleased to have got this job, I found that the skills I learnt on the course really did help, both with the application process and with tips for the interview (I read through the handout given on the course before my interview, which made me feel more confident)."

Another woman who found a job after being on the course said:

"I'd had lots of interviews before, and was getting increasingly frustrated being told I had come close, but not got the job.  I was very qualified for the posts and just couldn't understand what I was doing wrong.  Coming on the course was like having a light bulb moment when I realised how the process and scoring happens in interviews and for applications. Facing my next interview I knew I carefully needed to refer to the job spec and address each point.  I got the next job I went for and I thank the course for that."

Along with the course women have been able to have follow up advice to prepare for job opportunities.

Bernie Cox, Training Co-ordinator at The Women's Organisation said:

"We have had such a mix of women attend the course and ask for our help, I think indicative of the impact of the government cuts really.  There have been both long term unemployed and professional women who have been made redundant after many years in a particular job role. It can be daunting trying to find a new career, especially when you haven't been to an interview in maybe 20 years! We designed our programme to help women look at employment opportunities a bit differently.  To understand the processes involved, to understand how to select relevent opportunities to channel their energy into and to build their confidence knowing that they have plenty of skills and attributes that would be very valuable to a potential employer."

As a final boost of support The Women's Organisation have offered women a £50 back to work grant once they have secured employement to support them with travel and other costs involved with getting a new job.

The ESF funded project which has been a roaring success will come to a close in May 2013, and so The Women's Organisation are encouraging Liverpool women who have attended the 'How to Get the Job You Want' course and since gained employment to get in touch soon if they have not yet claimed their £50.  For full terms and conditions and to notify us of your new job please contact our team on 0151 706 8111 or email

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