Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Download Michael Molloy's Rise & Fall

Michael Molloy was an 18 year old talented musician from Liverpool who wrote his first song at the age of 14. An avid reader he had a poem published at the age of 8.

He was tragically killed in a coach crash in September 2012 on his return from Bestival on the Isle of White.

Two weeks before he died he and his friend Alex Evans (who performs vocals) finished recording the single Rise and Fall which he knew was something special. Michael wrote the music and lyrics and plays guitar on the track.

Rise and Fall will be released 29 April 2013, on the Sunday Best label. It has already received acclaim from artists such as Brian May, James Morrison and Rebecca Ferguson and has huge support from all of the local radio stations.

Michael was a fantastic young talent from our City, please support his legacy and get this to No. 1 in the charts by downloading Rise and Fall on itunes ( or purchasing the CD in HMV in Speke and Liverpool One.   There is one week to achieve this.

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