Monday, May 20, 2013

Setting up a Baking Business: Cake-u-late the Costs

If you are a home bake/cake business pricing your products could be a bit complicated.  It is also important to distinguish between cost and price.

Pricing your cake product take in to consideration what the customer is prepared to pay, how the proposed pricing compares with competitors, what costs have been incurred in the production of the product or service and making a profit.

The process of costing takes in to consideration all the additional factors that need to be accounted for to enable you to sell your product, and to then enable you to calculate how much profit you will actually be making from each sale.

CakeUlator: is an innovative and easy pricing tool application for cakes. Calculation is based on cake recipe and units cost to help you apply above factors and reach the right pricing for your finished cake product ranges.  To start setting up your cake product prices open link below and follow step by step guide.

To get more support with your pricing and other important issues involved in starting a food based business, contact our team on 0151 706 8111 for free advice.

Article Guest Blogged by Enterprise Enabler Huda Mamoun

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