Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Turning Sorrow to Success: Georgie's Story of Setting Up @We_WriteForYou

Having faced the most difficult circumstances, Liverpool’s Georgie Moore has seized the opportunity to plough her experiences into helping others through tricky times with her business ‘We Write for You’.

Georgie recalled “In 2011 my brother died in tragic and very difficult circumstances. There was a deep injustice to his death and not simply because of the manner in which he died or because of the actions of the person who was responsible for terrible injuries he suffered but crucially, as a consequence of the discrimination and failures of a Merseyside Police Officer. Finding ourselves in this situation we knew we needed to challenge what had happened, and as a result I needed to write a number of official letters of complaint because of discrimination against him.  The amount of red tape was just unbelievable, I just feel lucky I did have the competency to write what we needed to say; I knew the average person without that expertise would find it hard to do. I recall turning to my mum and saying “We need to help others to achieve this, we could write for them.”

Sadly for Georgie’s family this wasn’t the only difficult time they had to face.

“I got cancer when I had my baby so unfortunately I had to leave a job I’d held since I was 18, so around 20 years, due to ill health. My confidence took a knock and I wondered if I would ever be able to work again.

Just last year, having lost my brother we were dealt another blow when my father was taken ill. With dad he seemed to get ill really quickly.  Losing him destroyed me and I felt like most of my soul had gone with him. I can remember though that even when I had been ill he would say ‘you still have your brain’ and I knew I could make that work for me.

I needed something to focus on when he passed away. Following a period of difficult times and sadness for our family, my husband encouraged me to try to find something positive from such sorrow. I wrote a eulogy for my dad and read it at his funeral. So many people told me what a wonderful tribute it was to his life and said that they would love to have been able to give that gift to their loved ones.  That’s where the idea for my business stemmed from, wanting to help people as well as helping myself.”

Picking herself up from these blows wasn’t going to be easy, but inspirational Georgie took positive steps to turn things around and sought advice to get her idea moving.

Georgie told us: “I came to see an adviser at The Women’s Organisation who told me what I needed to do.  I knew the basics from my business degree, but was out of practice. The help was invaluable and my adviser really gave me some confidence back. I went on their Tax course and have now joined the business club to network too. The support has been brilliant. It has given me the push and confidence that I needed.” Georgie has since been awarded £200 in grant funding by The Women’s Organisation to help get her business started.

With support Georgie set up ‘We Write for You’, a writing service offering a wide range of individual and business services, based on needs.  For the individual it will help with letters, eulogies, speeches, complaints, memoirs, CV’s business plans and form filling.  For a business Georgie’s aim is to particularly support local businesses who need administration support such as letters, help with meetings, events, minutes, agenda, action plan, QMS systems (Quality Management), tenders, bid writing, presentations, website content, report writing and business plans.

She said “I’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s my main skill I’ve been doing for 20 years. My mum is a big inspiration as she writes books, as well as being a University lecturer. It’s great to know that I’ve got other writers like her I can tap into as back-up, which only makes my business stronger. I feel comfortable working for myself and can be flexible around my circumstances. I really enjoy helping people, and want to provide a good service.”

Since starting her business Georgie has never looked back and knows it is the right move for her.

“For me to be able to help people who need this service is the best thing about my business. I also love the idea of my daughter saying to me ‘what do you do mum’ and I can say ‘run my own business’.  I’m thrilled about that.  I had a responsible job before, so it’s nice to feel good about myself again. Being an inspiration and role model for my daughter like my mother was to me makes me proud. I’ve got my zest and enthusiasm back, a bounce in my step and I’m going to keep plugging away.”

To find out more about ‘We Write for You’ and Georgie’s services and story visit or contact ‘We Write for You’ on 0151 226 1996/

If you have skills you would love to turn into a thriving business then why not get some free advice today. Call The Women ‘s Organisation on 0151 706 8111 or email to make an appointment with a business adviser.


  1. I've known Georgie for years (we went to school together). She is a joy to know and a true inspiration to everyone.

    Life throws whatever it can at us to try and break us down. It is people like Georgie who shows how strong the spirit can really be.

    Well done and please, if you need something expertly produced, consider using Georgie, she won't disappoint.


  2. Many strong women who inhabit the world of business claim they need to be strong to suvive it what in 2013 is still a predominently male domain. I agree. However, I believe that many women today confuse strngth and steely determination with ruthlessness. The attude of this young woman and the motive behind her starting her own business embody the strength of a women in its truest sense. As a now retired business woman i wish you every success.