Friday, July 26, 2013

@54StJamesStreet Tenant of the Week: @Interview_Room Creative Training Ltd.

Our brand new £5.3mil centre at 54 St James Street is home to a number of fantastic local businesses, so we have decided to hi-light a different one each week.

This week our 'Tenant of the Week' is Creative Training Ltd. owned and run by Steve Baker & Simon Squires, creators of 'The Interview Room'.

Creative Training Ltd was established 8 years ago with the aim of providing innovative quality training programmes to help unemployed people find work. The company has contracted with numerous organisations throughout the UK to provide pre-employment courses as well as a portfolio of commercial training solutions. Their clients have included: Jobcentre Plus, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Liverpool City Council, Halton Borough Council, Conwy Council, North Tyneside City Region Employment & Skills.

Creative Training seek to train and find employment for clients and their success has come through understanding employers’ needs and matching the right clients to them.

Creative Training Ltd. believe in developing new, creative and innovative solutions to support people in finding and securing work. With this in mind they have developed 'The interview Room' as an innovative idea to help both young people and employers. This empowering tool enables young people to be far more competitive and present their strengths directly to employers. This creates an opportunity to demonstrate skills and abilities which are not easily communicated to potential employers via standard application techniques. The Interview Room, in its current format, is the result of four years research and development that have resulted in the creation of a powerful tool that is able to present more candidates to potential employers.

The Interview Room is a unique tool that enables employers to preview potential candidates via a professional video CV. It enables the candidate/jobseeker to introduce themselves to the employer and demonstrate their communication skills, showcasing their strengths.

For more information on Creative Training Ltd. and The Interview Room contact: 0151 706 8136 or, or visit

For more information on our venue here at 54 St James Street, our meeting and conference rooms to hire in Liverpool, contact our team via or 0151 706 8100.


  1. As an employer I have always found the qualification stage of a candidate search to be the most frustrating. CVs are hard to judge at the best of times but people seem to be getting worse at telling me the things I need to know.

    I have trialled The Interview Room and have found it genuinely transformational. Not only did I get an instant understanding of what it would be like for me and my clients to interact with the candidate but the information is structured in a way that I need in order to properly assess a candidate's experience and fit.

    I intend to use The Interview Room for all my candidate searches going forward.

  2. This is an absolutely fantastic product with huge value to both the employer and the employee.

    It would also be a huge added value service for any recruitment company to be able to use so that they could offer a far superior service to their clients.

  3. I have used the guys at Creative Training before and they're first class - professional, approachable & they know their stuff!

    I'm looking forward to the next time I get to look at this, looks like a great idea.

  4. This app helped me decide the best candidate for a position in our business- I couldn't recommend any higher :)