Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Business of Saving Energy is a Family Affair for @HalogenFairies

For Rechelle, Karen and Nadine the idea of working together came to them like a light bulb moment, an energy saving light bulb.

After hearing about The Green Deal, a new scheme available to anyone that wants to improve their property, they felt it was the perfect time to combine their knowledge and “go it alone”. With plenty of prior experience in the energy efficiency sector between the three of them, they said “we're all family and trust each other completely so we arrived at the decision with ease.”

Although this decision was considered an easy one, what followed was much more challenging for the two sisters and cousin.

They told us “It was scary at first! We had accountants and banks that we had to speak to on a regular basis. We had to look into Tax and National insurance. We needed systems to work from and Codes of practice to abide by. All things that were new to us.”

Rechelle, Karen and Nadine also had to use every resource they had to gain the finances needed, which at times was a slow process. However, this was turned into a positive by using the time to research everything they needed to know about their chosen field.

They said: “We knew that we were going into a male dominated industry and wanted to prove we could stand next to all the other companies and hold our own.”

Feeling that they needed support to shed some light on the grey areas, they contacted The Women’s Organisation, where they were paired up with a business adviser.

“The Women’s Organisation is where it all began for us! Without their guidance in the initial stages we would've found it so much more difficult. We wouldn't have had that crucial starting point that was so important in the beginning. We got so much help with our business plan from our business manager.”

As well as The Women’s Organisation, the two sisters and cousin also had their family for support. They commented that “[we are]…blessed to have our family, who never doubted us even when we did.”

It wasn’t easy for the three Liverpool women to balance their personal life with business. They said “we all have roles to juggle outside of the office. We're mothers, daughters, partners, sisters, aunts and friends! Sometimes it can be tough, especially with our children whom we adore.” However, together they have overcome all of this and the business is going really well.  

“We feel amazing. It's been months of hard work and sheer determination and belief. We've found out things about ourselves that we never knew before! Like how strong we are, how close we are and how far we've come. There's no other feeling like it. We're all extremely proud of each other. Money will always come secondary to how we feel as family and as 3 women making it in a male run industry.”

Rechelle, Karen and Nadine’s advice to women considering starting up a business is to “get yourself down to The Women’s Organisation! From there you'll be given the tools to build a brighter future.” Furthermore, they would advise you not to rush, research everything about the specific field and be sure to have faith in what you’re doing.

Halogen Fairies is now certified as a fully-fledged Green Deal Organisation, which has been a major task for the business. ‘We're now recognised by OFGEM and The Oversight Registration Body (ORB). Something we're extremely proud of in the fact that we're fully accredited to work under the scheme and can use the Green Deal Approved Logo.’

Newly qualified as Green Deal advisors, the Halogen Fairies are full of energy and raring to build on their success in an industry that they have proven to be just as rewarding for women.

If you would be interested in utilising greener technologies in your property visit or contact Halogen Fairies directly on 01925 599 333 /option 1 or

And if you have a bright idea for business that you would like support to develop, contact The Women’s Organisation today on 0151 706 8111 or

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