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Muma Leary Shares Her Experiences of EBEL Master Classes

Over September we invited women in business to take part in our EBEL (E-Business Enterprise Learning) Marketing Master Classes in association with our partners from Norway, Slovenia and Ireland. We piloted our modules around: Marketing Planning; Promoting Your Business Online Strategy; Twitter for Business; Facebook for Business; Linkedin for Business; Google for Business and Thinking About Websites.  
We asked Tanya Leary, mother of 2 and Mummetamorphosis blogger to feedback on her experiences of the EBEL Master Classes.
‘So, it's official, I'm a Stay at home Mum.

Yesterday I had a phone call from my boss. She called me as I was walking back from an unsuccessful trip to the doctors where we had been to have the baby's VERY late 6 month jabs. (Today she is 9 months old and utterly beautiful.)


She (boss, not baby) wanted to check what my plans were in relation to returning to work after my maternity leave.
Let me be clear, we had discussed my move to the Wirral and the fact that it was unlikely that I would return to my job as an Assistant Team Manager but legally they have to check that I haven't changed my mind before they advertise the post...SO, deep breath...

I am not returning to work.

Well, I am not returning to that job nor do I have anything else in the same field lined up at the moment.
It is the end of an era and the beginning of a new and very exciting chapter.
I have wondered and panicked and stressed about this for some time now without coming to any satisfactory conclusion about what to do.
When I began writing this blog in April I was so incredibly naive I actually, genuinely thought that I could earn money through blogging straight away.
Don't get me wrong- people DO earn money through blogging but they are the exception rather than the rule and, with over 7,000 parenting blogs competition is stiff. I needed a wakeup call and a plan of action so, last week, following a chance meeting at my local library, I went to some EBEL training days at The Women's Organisation, Liverpool.
I had no idea what to expect beforehand and, after 9 months of toddler talk, tantrum taming, weaning woes and various vomit incidents I was very nervous about meeting professional grown up people!


It was amazing and really inspiring to talk to women who have a plan and a vision and are making absolutely sure that they have all the info they need to make it work.
The questions and workbooks used in the EBEL training sessions force you to focus on the detail of your idea and consider how you are going to make it work.
If your idea isn't watertight the training allows you to see that and consider what changes you might need to make.
What it made me realise is just how much I love blogging and how much I want to make an income from writing it.
A happy side effect of the training was that I was able to have a proper, grown up conversation with my husband about something other than the girls or his work. I had forgotten how much I like and need to interact with adults in a professional capacity and feel like I actually have something of interest and value to say. It made me feel a little bit more 'me' and a bit less 'mum' plus, it got me out of the onesie for the day which can only be a good thing!
I am not in any way saying I don't love being at home with my children but, I think that I am at my best when I have some time away from home so I don't begin to take them for granted.
I don't want to ever become bored of talking to them, answering their questions and playing with them and lately I have been playing with them whilst responding to emails on my IPad.
This is not the way I want to be mummy to my girls. I want the playroom to be a technology free zone because they deserve my full attention when I am with them. I don't want to do two jobs badly, do you know what I mean?

Anyway, back to the training...
It made me acutely aware that this will be a lot of work and a long road.
I need to continue to develop 'my brand' and ensure that my followers and subscribers are enjoying what I write and returning to read my new posts (as well as telling their friends about me).
Some of this is already happening, since April my blog has had nearly 22,000 unique views which I am really pleased with.
Check it out here if you haven't already.
But, until my blog does bring me an income, I need to ensure that I get a wage from somewhere. Happily; an opportunity presented itself and so I am now the joint area manager for the website 'Mums in the Know- Wirral'.
It is part of a national company which tells parents what is on in their local area every day in terms of clubs, classes, free events and so on.
Feedback so far has been brilliant and we are building up a strong following so that is great.
Hopefully this will allow me to continue to be at home, working on my blog and brand and further build my audience.

Finally, in the words of the great Columbo; Just one more thing...
Jo Austin and the ladies at The Women’s Organisation seem to think that networking is the way to go in terms of making yourself a success in business and so, to prove just how much I learnt on the training- please get in touch if you'd like to collaborate with me either on my blog with a guest post, a review of your product or service or anything else that you feel might work for us both, OR, if you would like to know more about featuring on or advertising with Mums in the Know. I'd love to hear from you.

You can find me in all the usual places;

FB: Muma Leary- Wirral
Twitter: @MumaLeary
Sofa: with a glass of red ;-)'

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