Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sefton’s Katherine Took Back Career Control Setting Up K.L.Web Ltd

Since leaving University each time Katherine Webb thought her career had started, she found herself facing redundancy.
“I think with the recession the IT sector seemed to take a big hit. With one company I worked for I literally had a job when I left on Friday, and by Monday I didn’t” said Katherine.

When her final contract came to an end Katherine decided it was time to take control over her own job and success.

“I had always done web development, but for other people in both the public and private sector” she told us. “I had the skills there, so decided to take those skills and use them to work for myself. Going self-employed feels like jumping in at the deep end. I was lucky enough to find The Women’s Organisation to help me.”

Katherine was linked with a business adviser at local women’s enterprise support agency The Women’s Organisation to help her to develop her business plan. Reflecting on the free business start-up support she received Katherine said:

“My adviser was really helpful. I also did the Planning for success course and was supported to access a £200 grant.  I decided to set myself up as a Limited Company which can be tricky, but I found an accountancy firm through The Women’s Organisation network to help me and was able to use the grant to help me cover the costs and get that extra help with accounts and tax which was what I had found most daunting.”

K.L.Web Ltd. was developed offering website design and development, email marketing and social media services. Katherine says her unique selling point is having “a good balance of creative and technical expertise. Sometimes people are one or the other, but I like computing and am quite creative, so I can utilise all of my skills to offer a well-rounded service. I am also conscious of keeping things simple when talking to a client. They don’t need technical knowledge to chat to me. I discuss things in layman’s terms.”

Sefton resident Katherine says the best thing about being self-employed is “having control over what happens. I don’t have to worry about what is going on higher up the chain or have to run things by someone else and have them sign it off. I can have direct contact with clients and make the decisions.”

To find out more about Katherine’s services visit or contact 0151 203 6445.
If like Katherine you are looking to take back control of your career and go self-employed her advice is “Don’t struggle on your own. Ask for help. There is advice out there from organisations like The Women’s Organisation, and chat to friends who have been in business themselves. The more support you can get the better. I’m lucky that my fiancé is really supportive. He gives me a kick up the rear when I need it.”

For free business start-up support contact The Women’s Organisation on 0151 706 8111 or

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