Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"The Economic Empowerment of Women Is a Business Issue"

This weekend HuffingtonPost.co.uk published an article written by Adele Gulfo, stating that 'while most people still see the economic empowerment of women as an equality issue' it is in fact 'a business issue.'

The article states:

"According to a recent paper by Deloitte, economic studies show that corporations with women on boards and in senior leadership positions have a higher return on equity. In Europe, these returns have been estimated at more than 10 percent higher. There's a business case to be made for the results women bring to the table -- but to really see more women in leadership positions, we need CEOs and business leaders to understand that greater diversity at the most senior levels of business will help them gain a competitive advantage.
Why? Because diversity allows for better decision-making and less group-think. Diverse teams also produce more innovative solutions and products, deal more effectively with risk, and better relate with their customer base. Remember that almost 80 percent of consumer decisions are influenced by women. Up to this point, the conversation on this topic has largely been about fairness and goodwill. That needs to change. We must better articulate the superior business results that flow from leadership diversity if we are to generate a greater impetus for change."
The article then goes on to offer advice to women who are looking to get ahead in the business world, including: 
"My advice to women seeking to get ahead in business is to learn to speak up and become their own advocate... Women need to learn how to better challenge and influence authority while enhancing their persuasion skills."
"Developing your network and expressing your goals is also critical, as many leadership positions and project management appointments come from internal recommendations."
Read the full Huffington Post article here: 

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