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Be 'Serious About Your Health' with Natural Health Consultant Dalbinder Bains

After working in Lloyds bank in their SME division as a client manager and auditor for 16 years, South Liverpool resident Dalbinder Bains began to realise that her passions and long term future plans laid elsewhere when her mother fell ill. 
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She told The Women’s Organisation: ‘I was beginning to lose the enjoyment element in my work which made me start to look at my short and long-term future. I took my mum to visit a Naturopath and this lead me to want to know more about Natural Health. Whilst working full time I embarked on a Herbal Medicine degree, initially for pleasure, but then realised as I was becoming more immersed in the world of complementary medicine that it was a world that I was passionate about. I was especially interested in how I could really make a difference to people and their quality of life. I then thought why not study for a degree in nutrition and try to make a career out of it.’

10 years on, Medical Herbalist & Nutritional Therapist Dalbinder is an expert in her field, running a successful business, 'SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH' that offers a bespoke programme of support and guidance to people who have health issues or wish to maximise their health and wellbeing. This includes advice on herbal medicine, diet, lifestyle and supplements. She bases her programmes on evidence and science based medicine and keeps herself updated with continuing professional development, more recently teaching on degree level courses.

‘I feel privileged that I am working in an area that I am passionate about. I really wish to educate and empower people to see that often small simple changes can make a significant difference to wellbeing. There is so much misinformation out there and sometimes we all need support and guidance. I am focusing more and more on healthy ageing and how we can be the best we can be through our 50’s, 60’s and beyond. We do not have to accept that with ageing comes ill health.’

‘The service I offer is unique and I truly am an expert, having spent 8 years studying and 10 years practicing in this field. My guidance and programmes are aimed at my clients specific health aims and therefore bespoke. Not being affiliated to any 1 product company enables me to source the best healthcare plan including the best supplements and herbal remedies as appropriate for each client.’

After moving to Liverpool several years ago, the mother of one contacted The Women’s Organisation, formally Train 2000, for extra business support.

‘I think The Women’s Organisation is an incredible high quality resource for the local women in business. We are very lucky here in the Northwest. I have been on numerous courses and found them particularly helpful initially when my little boy was under 5 when subsidy was given for childcare. I continue to be involved with the organisation and often revisit them for further training. I also value the networking group.’

 ‘The recent courses I have been on have been about Facebook and Twitter and I have made numerous contacts at their business club /networking events, which aim to bring together and support local business women across Merseyside. All of their events have great attendance figures and guest speakers. The team are excellent and I would feel comfortable approaching them for any support.’

For Dalbinder, the key to success in business is having a clear focus. ‘Spend time on setting up a business plan and marketing strategy. Focus on what you want to achieve. Go to The Women’s Organisation straight away and look at all the advice out there because it is there.’

With the support of her family, friends, business network and newly acquired business coach, Dalbinder is feeling very positive about the future of her business.

‘With my son now being of an age that I have more time, I will be spending the next few years focusing on my business. I now have 2 part time staff allowing me to focus on my strengths and growth of my business SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.  And now with a business coach, I feel that there are lots of opportunities for me and I am thinking about taking my business to the next level.’

Are you serious about your health? Then visit or contact her directly on 07841 393775 / for more information on the services provided and how you can book an appointment. 

If you would like to turn your passion into a business, contact The Women’s Organisation to find out about free support is available for new and existing businesses in Merseyside. / 0151 706 8111 –

Portrait photo by Jessica Lang Photography 

By Beckie Kinsella

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