Monday, June 30, 2014

How to spend nothing on promoting your business: PR, Networking & Advertising

When starting a business from scratch finance can be limited to begin with until sales are generated - however the problem is that without promoting your new product or service effectively, potential customers will not know that your business exists.

Here are the third in our series of suggestions for free/cost effective ways you could factor into your marketing plan to help reach your target customer:

1     Public Relations (PR)
Getting your business featured in a local newspaper or magazine is one of the cheapest and effective ways of informing people about your business. Simply read the business sections of each newspaper and the relevant trade magazines to find out which journalists write about businesses and entrepreneurs. The next step is to contact the journalist directly to see if they would be interested in your publicising your business story.  Try a call first to build relationship and follow up with an email.

2.      Networking
Business networking is about meeting other business people and finding ways to work together. The Women's Organisation offer networking through business club, but there are tons of fantastic events out there. Eventbrite is one of the best places to find events going on in your area, or join linkedin networking groups and check on facebook events for more ideas. 
Whenever you go network remember the golden rule is to listen first.  Listening to what the other person has to say may hi-light what they might be most interested in about your product or service. 

3.      Online Directories
Advertising in hard copy and online versions of local business directories such as Yellow Pages ( and Thomson ( is another free promotional method to add your basic details such as business name, type of business and contact number so that your target market can contact you.

Not all methods will work for every business, marketing can be a case of trial and error. One marketing effort that works for one business may not work for another, therefore it is advisable that you have some way of measuring the success of each promotional method. 

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