Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Women's Organisation Join HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I of Ghana at Empowering Nations IFB Event

The Women's Organisation's CEO Maggie O'Carroll joins The Queen of the Ga Kingdom of Ghana, HRH Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I and other global visionary women at the first global convention of the Global Visionary Women Network at the IFB Hub, Mann Island, Liverpool on Friday 11 July 2014.

Entitled 'Empowering Nations', the focus of the one day convention is on empowering women globally to overcome the potential barriers they encounter and encourage them to contribute in strategic leadership roles towards the economic, social and political development of their respective countries.
It will explore the differing barriers facing women in different situations and encourage delegates to learn from the experiences of others.

The founder and chief executive of event organiser Voice of Nations and Global Visionary Women Network, Dr Sylvia Forchap Likambi, said: “I had a dream, I had a vision…that someday, every female child worldwide would become aware of her authentic identity, worth and potential, and take full control and responsibility of her life, regardless of her skin colour, background, culture, religion, or the circumstances surrounding her. She will be able to make fundamental choices and decisions that will shape and determine her life and destiny, and not let man or society shape and determine these for her.   And that time is here and it is now, when we must not and cannot afford any longer to wait for change to come to us, or someone to advocate on our behalf...we must pave the way, and become the change we have been waiting for, we are the change we are seeking, and we are the change we need.”

The event will welcome around 150 international delegates and attract some of the world's leading female entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries to impart their knowledge to the city of Liverpool, its leaders and its future leaders. 

Among the event participants are:
·        Maggie O'Carroll, Co-Founder & CEO The Women's Organisation
·        Katherine Corich, Founder & Global Director of Sysdoc
·        HRH Betty Makoni, Founder and CEO of The Girl Child Network Worldwide
·        Cllr Anna Rothery, Labour Cllr for Princes Park Ward Liverpool
·        Ewa Sadowska, CEO & Director Barka UK
·        Yvonne William, Mary Kay Senior National Sales Director UK
·        Molly Harvey of Molly Harvey Global
·        Dr. Annie Lim, founder of Women In Business World Summit, Dr. Annie Lim International Inc. and the      LIFE Children Foundation
·        Stephanie R Dawkins,1st African American Senior Vice President of AB Volvo, International
·        Executive Speaker, Author at  Stephanie R. Dawkins International
·        Mireille Tushiminina, Founder of the Women United for the Advancement of African Countries

Global Visionary Women Network was established in 2013 to encourage international collaboration and investment with the vision to unite visionary women from all walks of life and nations to transform the ordinary woman into extraordinary citizens and leaders of purpose.

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