Monday, August 18, 2014

Have You Got the Right Team to Enable Growth?

One of the biggest considerations when expanding your business is whether you have the right people in the right jobs and do you need extra staff to manage the increased workload?

Sometimes letting go of the reins and trusting other people to carry out tasks for your business is one of the hardest things to come to terms with.

At and event held at The Women's Organisation recently, Tesco Clubcard co-creator Edwina Dunn advised "I always employ people smarter than me".  She explained that you have to realise that there will be people who are better than you at different elements of your business. Letting go and letting the best people run with the mission that you have set out is often the best way to enable your business to succeed.

By the same token, reviewing the team that you already have in place to ask 'are the right people in the right jobs' can be equally as rewarding.  Sometimes as employers we try to fit square pegs in round holes wanting people to 'just do it this way'.  Getting the most out of people involves understanding their strengths and playing to those, and sometimes that can involve making tough decisions when it becomes clear that you don't have the right staff to carry out the tasks needed.

If you are thinking about hiring staff check out our guest blog post by our Venture Accelerator partners HPC on "Considerations when taking on staff"

ACAS website also have some useful advice around staffing and a helpline you can call for more support. 

The Women's Organisation are currently offering free business growth consultancy services through Venture Accelerator business growth programme.  Venture Accelerator is open to women in Merseyside who are ready to significantly expand their business.  Advice around all business growth issues, including taking on stafff, are offered as part of the programme.  To find out more contact

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