Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sex & Power Report for 2014 Released. Who Runs Britain?

Sex and Power 2014
Sex and Power 2014: Who Runs Britain? report has  today been published by the Counting Women In coalition.  The report brings to light key stats hi-lighting the gender split across positions of power in the UK, particularly looking at how women are represented in politics and other key roles within the public sector.  Sex and Power 2014 demonstrates that although women make up 52% of the population in the UK they are still dramatically underrepresented when in comes to those who are decision makers or key influencers in the country.

Some key statistics quoted in the report include:

  • Only 22.6% of members of Parliament are women
  • Local authority council leaders are currently only 13.1% women
  • Police and Crime Commissioners are 14.6% women
  • CEO's of UK Banks currently are 11.1% women
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships 15.1% women leaders
  • Directors of FTSE 100 companies sit at 17.3% women 
  • Only 8% of Chairs of Major UK Charities are women
  • 5% of National Newspaper editors are women
In the education sector some of the statistics start to look more promising with women making up 71.3% of Primary School head teachers, but as you progress through the education sector it starts to drop as the representation of women as secondary school heads is just 38.4% and University Vice Chancellors just 14.2%.

These alarming figures raise the question how long can this go on?  When half of the population are only represented by a fraction of leaders and influencers how can we claim that everyone has a voice?  

The Women's Organisation are keen advocates of gender equality and work tirelessly to raise awareness among leaders locally, nationally and internationally of the consistent gender inequality that is merely re-emphasised by reports like this. 

We believe that more should be done by the government, and by business leaders and owners to ensure that women have a voice at the most senior level. It is essential that we look at why women are so underrepresented and provide gender focused support to address the balance and enable women to reach the top of their field. 

One key focus for The Women's Organisation is supporting women to start their own business. Starting from the top!  The women who have come through our programmes since the organisation was founded in 1996 have such a range of skills and experience, recognising their own value is the first key to realising their potential. There are many hurdles that women come up against when looking to starting or grow their own business, so mentoring, training and support through the process is key.

To find out more about the work of The Women's Organisation and how we work to support women visit 

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