Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dipping Your Toe in Business Before Taking the Full Dive

The Guardian published an article this week called 'Bit on the Side: How to Set up a Successful Side Project' looking at examples of entrepreneurs who began their companies as a project on the side of their 'regular job'. 

Did you know that Twitter and Scotchtape are both businesses that were started in this way?

At The Women's Organisation we understand that not everyone has a business idea along with a financial buffer sat in their bank account allowing them to put all their eggs straight into their business basket.  Often the most sensible route to business is to get planning and practicing while working in another role and gradually reducing hours to build focus on your business venture. Your journey to business can be taking gradual steps instead of a wild leap. 

The Guardian article showed how actually while in employment you can often use your networks and resources to the advantage of your business idea.  Who are you currently working with? Are there lessons you can learn from the business you are working for? What apps and tools can you utlise to build your business?

Click here to read the full article

There are many women who have come to The Women's Organisation for help to pursue their business dream while working for another firm or needing to split focus at the start. Here are some of their stories:

Dalbinder Baines
Dalbinder found her passion for naturopathy and nutrition while working in a corporate world as she looked for support for her mother who was taken ill.  She started to study while still working so she could make the transition to working for herself.
Read more of her story here...

Siobhan Noble
Siobhan was working for a bank when she decided it was time to stop suppressing her creative side. Having come to The Women's Organisation for support she gradually transitioned to leaving her job and now runs two companies, a vintage fashion business and Lantern Theatre in partnership with her mum.
Read more about Siobhan's journey here...

Pooja Saini
Speaking last year at a Business Club event at The Women's Organisation Pooja shared openly about how her business has taken a front and back seat at different stages in her journey to fit around her growing family and other commitments. She told women to not feel like they are failing if their business is not yet their full time job. Successful businesses don't just happen over night. They take hard graft and being realistic.
Read about Pooja's business Bollyfit Uk here...

If you have ideas you would like to pursue and want to look at the best way to manage your transition from employment to self-employment, contact The Women's Organisation on 0151 706 8111 to book an appointment with one of our business advisers.  Services are offered free to women living in Merseyside. 

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