Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Useful Tools to Brand Your Business

When setting up your business, getting your brand right is crucial. What impression would you like people to have about your business?  If someone were to describe your business what words would you want to hear them say?  Every colour, font and image we choose should reflect these words that embody our business ethos. Try to stick to just a few key colours and the same font across the board to build uniformity of style. 

Once you have established your brand ideas and business name you can then translate that into design of a logo and marketing materials.  Here are some useful web tools to help you get started if you want to have a go yourself and reduce costs:

Logo Designer -
Is a logo designer tool that provides you with free access to over 10,000 icons and images to help create a bespoke logo to use on business stationary, cards etc.
An alternative is With both of these tools 'free' refers to the design part. There is a small cost involved to download your logo once you are happy with it, but the cost is far lower than paying for a graphic designer to build you a logo from scratch.

Poster My Wall is a free online flyer and poster making tool that provides you with a wide range of downloadable templates that can be customised quickly using a wide range of backgrounds, fonts, shapes & photo effects.

Graphs and Charts -
Free tool that creates graphs and charts that can displayed on your website.

Bespoke notification bars -
Free tool that helps you create bespoke notification bars that display messages to website visitors. I.e. greetings, newsletters, announcements

Sales proposal templates -
Bidsketch is a cloud-based tool, which helps create quick proposal documents using templates and default text, while allowing clients to add online signatures and comments on approval.

Campaign Monitor provides a free HTML e-mail template builder service, which features a range of customisable layout options to display content in a professional manner. An alternative to this would be mailchimp where you can send free emails to up to 2000 contacts free of charge using a selection of templates or using your own design.

Free Fonts -

Is an online collection of over 20,000 free fonts

The Women's Organisation business advice team can offer you further advice to build your confidence around branding and naming your business.  Get in touch to book a business start-up advice appointment via 0151 706 8111 or
Our support is free to women in the process of setting up a business in Merseyside.

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