Friday, November 7, 2014

Liverpool Mutual Homes Tenant Jodie Woolley Gets Ready to Celebrate a Successful First Year in Business @LMHinfo

Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) tenant and single mum Jodie Woolley is delighted to be approaching her first full year in business and it’s all down to her hard work, determination and a helping hand from LMH and The Women's Organisation.

Credit: Barbara Idasiak Photography
After graduating from Liverpool Hope University with a first class degree in business studies, Jodie was left hungry to own her own business. When an opportunity to train as an energy assessor for free with Maison Vert came alone, she didn’t think twice.

Now a fully qualified Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Energy Assessor, Jodie‘s business is going from strength to strength. In her words, she is "chocker" and everyone knows who she is and what she can offer, but how did she get to this point?

"I guess you could say I was a bit cheeky. I went to the Chief Executive of Liverpool Mutual Homes Steve Coffee and spoke to him because I am an LMH tenant. I simply asked if there was any chance they would need my services. Two weeks later I got a call saying they are passionate about supporting their tenants so gave me a chance. They have been brilliant, I can’t fault them."

Initially LMH offered Jodie a contract to cover the North end of Liverpool but as she built her business up they decided to give her all of Liverpool.

As well as LMH, the single mum received help from Liverpool based social enterprise The Women’s Organisation who work closely with LMH to give their tenants support in starting up a business.

Jodie said "My adviser Janine was brilliant. She helped me so much with my business plan, policy and procedures. I attended the free Tax and National Insurance and Basic Bookkeeping workshops which were a great refresher for me. Janine also helped me apply for grants, including a Stepclever grant that helped me with start-up costs and purchasing equipment."

Reflecting on her journey Jodie advised "If anyone I knew was starting a business I would tell them to go and see The Women’s Organisation.  When you start up you can’t see yourself getting to this point. I keep looking back and can’t believe I’m here. Janine still gives me amazing support and has calmed me down a lot through the whole process."

For Jodie, the best thing about running her own business is having full control of her schedule so that she gets everything done without anything getting in the way. LMH gave Jodie the freedom to do this, which she says is amazing to be trusted by such a great organisation.

Jodie’s advice to anyone considering starting a business is to make sure you want it because it can be difficult. She advises budding business women to trust their instincts no matter what, because something might seem great at face value but if you don’t feel it’s right then walk away.

"I’m really proud of how I have built my business up to be at the stage it’s at now in such a short space of time. There have been times in my life when I have had nothing, which has kept me grounded and makes me appreciate the opportunity LMH has given me even more."

Portrait photo: Barbara Idasiak Photography

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