Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Great Big Charity Bake Off @SirenLiverpool

Siren cafe  was full to the very brim by 4pm on Monday afternoon, after having devoured enormous amounts of cake in aid of The Women's Organisation's aim to raise £1000 for Teenage Cancer Trust’s Merseyside Appeal by April 2015.

The cakes arrived one by one, and were laid out on the table. The competition was already looking tough, and there were more to come. Rumours were flying around the office about Bernie’s incredible looking triple layered lemon cake, complete with piping work, and there was talk of a chocolate ganache covering Jo Mcalpine’s chocolate orange cake. Now that’s dedication to a bake.

At 3pm, we gathered in Siren Café and our resident Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (Maggie O’Carroll, CEO of The Women’s Org, and Natalie Hardman, Co-owner of Siren Café and all round ‘foodie’) were ready to try out the table of delights.

Maggie announced that Laura Anderson’s boozy tiramisu, lacked just enough of the booze, and Helen Millne’s choux buns, were as light as air. After much deliberation about soggy bottoms, flavorsome blueberry cheesecakes and the added surprise inclusion of savoury duck leg pasty’s, the judges came to their decision.

Helen Milne won the ‘Best Effort’ prize, for her lovely looking choux buns, and of course Bernie’s lemon cake won stole the show and won the ‘Showstopper’ prize. The tension was running high in Siren Café as the judges announced that the winner of the ‘The Great Big Charity Bake Off’ was a surprise last minute entry of Trudie’s delicious and professional looking fruit cake.

After the winners were announced, everyone filled up their brown bags full of cake, and emptied the purses full of change. A fantastic afternoon at The Women’s Organisation and we managed to raise over £150 to add to our ongoing challenge of raising £1000 for Teenage Cancer Trust’s Merseyside Appeal.

If you would like to donate to our appeal, please head over to our Just Giving page (click on the link below), and keep your eyes peeled for our future fundraising events! 

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