Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Understanding Etsy Tips: Listing Items

Following on from our previous blog on how to set up an Etsy shop, it's now time to list some items. This step by step guide will take you through each section, with handy tips and tricks to get the most out of Etsy and market your product effectively.

About the Item:
When you click “who made it?” you will be given the choices “I did”, “a member of my shop” or “another person/company”. Another drop down box will then appear asking what the product is and you will be able to choose between “a finished product” and “a supply or tool to make things.” If you indicate that it is a finished product, it will give the option to say when the product as made.

When you click “what is it?” a drop down box will appear with a list of categories including art, books, bags and purses, clothing, jewellery etc. When you specify what category your item falls under, a new box will appear asking the type.

If for example you chose “art”, you will be given options such as collage, drawing, painting, photography etc. You will then be given the option to be more specific, for example if you pick collage, you can pick between abstract, digital, painting, print and more.

Variations allow you to describe your item in more detail and increase the chance of the listing being picked up in a search. Variations include colour, device, dimensions, fabric, flavour, style and weight.

If you choose colour for example, you can specify what colours you offer and which ones are in stock, which you can change easily by ticking or unticking a box. You can add more than one variation.


You are given the option to add up to 13 tags and we would recommend using all 13. Tags are what potential customers search for when browsing Etsy so think carefully. If you’re struggling, try answering these questions:

·         Who is it for?
·         What is the main colour?
·         What size is it?
·         What style is it?
·         What is the main material?

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