Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Understanding Etsy Tips: Promotion

Search Ads are paid advertising spots used by sellers to promote their items to shoppers on Etsy. They are designated by the word “Ad” in the top left corner of the listing photo. Search Ads are displayed at the top and middle of most search results pages in desktop view, and the bottom of most search results in your mobile browser.

Ads are displayed based on the keywords a shopper enters into search. The words searched are compared to the keywords sellers use for their ads.
After you have entered the item or items you want to promote, Etsy automatically generates keywords based on the items you've selected.

A keyword is a word or phrase that a shopper enters in the Etsy search box. Your Ads will appear when a shopper searches for one of the keywords you have selected in this box.
Etsy takes the keywords that shoppers are searching for the most, and matches them with your items, based on your tags and titles.
If you feel that one or more of the keywords suggested by Etsy are not accurate keywords, you can x them out. You can always add them back in later, and they will appear in your “Disabled keywords” section.

Once you have taken a look at your keywords, you are ready to set a weekly budget.

After you've picked the items you'd like to promote and the keywords that will show your ads, you are ready to set a maximum budget for the week!
Etsy suggests several different spend levels, based on what you have spent in the past. These are merely suggestions, you are welcome to enter any amount over the £5 weekly minimum. As you can see, you will get more impressions if you spend more.

Impressions and clicks

Each time your ad is displayed to a potential buyer in the Search Ads section of the search page, it is counted as a single impression. Tracking these lets you know how many times your ads were shown to potential buyers.
Each time your ad is displayed in the Search Ads section of the search page, the potential buyer performing the search may or may not click on it. A click is counted each time a potential buyer clicks on one of your ads. Search Ads are a great tool to help drive traffic from potential buyers to your listings, and clicks let you know how many times this happened.

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