Friday, December 12, 2014

Tilly's Tips | @54StJamesStreet | How To Run A Successful Conference

Coming up on our blog in the future, we will be taking tips from our mascot Tilly, as she shows us around 54 St James Street and tells us about all it has to offer! Firstly, she's giving us her top 5 tips on how to run a successful conference

1. Plan. Plan. Plan

Everyone knows the key to any successful event, is planning ahead. By selecting a date and a location as early as possible, you will be able to accommodate those coming from out of town. By choosing a venue with good links rail and road links and nearby to an airport, this will help those travelling tailor their journey. One thing to keep in mind is a location with a selection of hotels and restaurants nearby too, for post-conference dinner, drinks and a good night’s kip!

2.  Follow A Theme
Determine a theme for the conference and carry it through from the beginning to the end, beginning with the conference invitation, continuing with the registration form and ending with a thank you, and follow up note. This will help to build a momentum and excitement for those attending and grab their attention from the beginning. Check out some of these links to inspire top themes for your conferences

3.  Variety
The most interesting events and conferences are those that have variety within their scheduling. By scheduling different types of presentation events, from live speakers to hands-on workshops, round table discussions and networking meetings, your guests will be engaged and the material will feel fresh and exciting.

4. Equipment
There is nothing worse than having technical struggles and glitches in front of a room full of expectant people. Testing all of the audio and visual equipment that you will be using beforehand is the best way to avoid this. By having knowledge of how each piece of equipment works will help you to assist speakers during their presentations if any problems crop up, or if this isn’t possible, have someone with that tech savvy knowledge on hand to help you out.

5. Entertain!
Conferences shouldn’t be all work and no play. Have a go at scheduling social activities for your guests in their free time, such as organising trips to local attractions and holding informal drink parties in the evenings. Making the attendants feel comfortable is a key trick to holding a great conference, little touches such as free phone calls and Wi-Fi access for them to keep in touch with their home and work life whilst at the conference is a great way to make the event a success.

54 St James Street is a stunning and unique new building conveniently located between the pioneering Baltic Triangle and Liverpool’s China Town and minutes’ walk from Liverpool One and Bold Street.

This fully accessible and flexible venue is a perfect location to host business meetings, conferences or private events. A range of individually styled rooms appropriate for gatherings of 2 to 150 people are available for hire with rates from as little as £10 an hour.
Our private garden provides relaxing external space within the venue, and the two fourth floor terraces provide chilled-out, music enhanced, reception spaces with excellent views of the City.

With friendly reception staff, complimentary wireless access throughout the building and a range of audio visual facilities including integrated data projectors, blue-ray players and smart boards; plasma screens for projection or TV; and video conferencing facilities this building meets the needs of people who require a highly professional service in a contemporary setting.

If you would like to find out more, or hold your conference or event at 54 St James Street, get in touch on 0151 268 5695

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