Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alissa Koopal named as one of the ‘Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015’

Allerton mum-of-two Alissa Koopal, and creator of the BabyBangle has this week been named one of the ‘Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015’ by The Telegraph. Alissa, was known to The Women’s Organisation back before the launch of the bangle, and has gone on to blow the entrepreneurial world away, with her incredible product and her determination to get her product noticed.

‘The BabyBangle is a flexible, lightweight teething ring with a soft density that will help your baby to safely soothe chomping needs, as well as help stimulate speech, weaning and motor skills practice.’

This innovative product was bound to be snatched up by stockists and the response to Alissa’s product has been incredible. When Alissa launched her BabyBangle at a tradeshow in Liverpool she received an incredible response, picking up 20 stockists from 4 different countries, which then led to her product receiving nominations from parenting awards.

At the end of last year Alissa also featured as part of the governments ‘Business is GREAT’ campaign, which created a festive calendar featuring small businesses, include Alissa’s own; Izzy Melody.

The future is looking incredibly bright for Alissa, Izzy Melody and the BabyBangle and she was featured alongside a host of other female business women who have been named, ones to watch in 2015.
The list included other women such as Megan Trimble of eyewear company ZanZan, Harriet Mears and Molly Freshwater of The Secret Linen Store and Sandy Ruddock of Scarlett &Mustard  

Check out the full list of ‘Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2015’ here and have a look at the Izzy Melody site here

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