Monday, January 12, 2015

Personal Trainer Jade Mottley on making sport, exercise and healthy living inclusive for everyone through her venture 'Performance For All'

Jade Mottley’s business ‘Performance For All’ is a Personal Training and Sport Science service which aims to improve the health of her clients, their fitness and nutritional status.

Jade’s services include Personal Training on a one to one and group basis in gyms, homes and workplaces.

Her Sport Science services can be delivered alone or within an already established team, and they are sessions which are about enhancing individual and team performance.  

After studying Sport Science for three years and gaining a knowledge base, and experience of the sporting industry, athletes and the general population she set up her business in 2013. Whilst she was studying, she learnt about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, in depth; ‘In essence how we are made up and how we can function effectively as humans.’
Whilst undertaking her degree, Jade gained her Fitness Instructors qualification and varied work experience within sports settings and health settings. Joining her degree knowledge and growing experience, Jade was learning about the importance and application of health to both athletes and the general population.

Jade was brought up in the Fylde Coast, near Blackpool, and from a young age has been passionate about sport, representing her county throughout school. She is also extremely passionate about the disability sector and had a scholarship to work with Mencap throughout her final year at University on an ‘Access to Leisure’ programme. Continuing her interest in combining her work with support for those with disabilities, Jade currently coaches for a men’s deaf professional football team.

Meeting with our Manchester team of The Women’s Organisation has been great news for Jade after she was introduced to Mike one of our business advisors she said; ‘He gave me the belief that anything is possible if you are given the correct support and direction. I expressed my passions about my work and what I would like to achieve. Every idea, no matter how small, he expressed that it had great potential. I was re-inspired that the work I do is beneficial to others.’

Although Jade is currently working solo on her business venture she is looking to expand her team is continuing to make connections through networking; ‘I am in the process of interviewing two new members of staff to come on board as Personal Trainers, and I have built links with Bolton Council and I’m hoping to work alongside their disability sector and provide fitness training which is inclusive to their young adults.’
Inclusivity is the key motto for Jade and her business. She says; ‘Performance For All is exactly what it says it is. I wanted to create a business that is inclusive to everyone. Everyone has the right to improve their own health, fitness and nutrition.’ She believes that everyone should have the same access to leisure and sporting opportunities, and from her experience within Mencap and in commercial gym spaces, she wants to continue offering those opportunities for all.

Recently Jade has been working with a Special Olympics athlete who competes as a cyclist for Great Britain and is honoured to be part of her journey in improving her fitness and nutritional status. One of Jade’s biggest achievements is knowing that she is going to work to do something that she loves and says this is down to working hard; ‘Through hard work and dedication since graduating I have been able to gain qualifications, skills and experience, working within the profession and delivering a service that improves people’s lives.’

The Women’s Org can see that the key to success for Jade is clearly, her passion for her job. She says she chose to study Sport Science at University because she loved participating in sports and had a desire to learn more about the way our bodies work and how we can live our lives with optimal health. All the different experiences that Jade has had from working with Rugby clubs, elderly homes, volunteering in Africa and working with those with disabilities, has taught her valuable skills which she has been able to apply to her current role.

One of the most important lessons that Jade has learnt on her journey is about creating your own opportunities. She says; ‘Yes, people may be more fortunate than others and have better connections, but if you do not have the skills or knowledge in the first place, you cannot be hired for the role.’

‘I was once told “relationships are far greater than academic skills”. Your experiences and skills count for everything in the ‘real world’ and I have learnt to make the most out of every opportunity I have been given and to gain a lesson from it. Even when I did not get the desired outcome, I didn’t fail because I learnt a valuable lesson on how to do it different given the chance again.’

She quotes being part of Generation Y as a challenge, but an exciting one; ‘being fresh from University with modern day views and ideas’, she believes there is great potential for young people to start their own business, do what they are passionate about and create a career for themselves; ‘Organisations like The Women’s Org, make all of this possible.’

The future is looking extremely bright for Jade Mottley and Performance for All. Her plans are to expand her Personal Training and Sport Science services and have other professionals such as psychologists, nutritionists, life coaches and physiotherapists working alongside her. If you would like to find out more about Jade and her business, follow the links to get in contact with her below!

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