Monday, January 5, 2015

SME’s run by women could create up to 140,000 new jobs in the UK in 2015…

According to a survey carried out on behalf of the Government’s Business is GREAT Britain campaign, 1,000 female entrepreneurs were asked what their business goals are for 2015.

The results were varying across the country, but almost two thirds of female small to medium size business owners and leaders in the UK say they have ambitious goals for their business in 2015. The survey revealed that 14% of female-led businesses say hiring new staff is their main priority for the coming year. This means that with nearly a million women-led SME’s in the UK that could create almost 140,000 jobs.
In Merseyside, there were other priorities alongside this which included women business owners developing their own people management skills, with 22% of Liverpool entrepreneurs saying that the development of their own skills would come first, followed by taking on a trainee or apprentice (15%) and implementing flexible working (11%)
Alissa Koopal founder of ‘Izzy Melody’ is Liverpool entrepreneur and supporter of the Business is GREAT Britain campaign, and it’s aims to build confidence among small businesses. The Allerton based business woman founded ‘Izzy Melody’ with the Baby Bangle. A product of her own invention; a safe and soothing accessory which is designed to comfort babies from birth and encourage motor and speech skills.

The Women’s Organisation CEO, Maggie O’Carroll says of the survey;
‘We are not surprised at all that the research shows women led businesses are supporting the economy with job creation. We have seen a rise in demand for quality business growth support for women led enterprises and have been working with women in Merseyside and Greater Manchester over the last year to help women to manage the transition to business expansion.
Female led enterprises are often greatly underestimated, but we know in fact that women business owners are contributing massively to the economy in the UK. This needs to be recognised and relevant tailored services to capitalise on the opportunity this presents for driving the economy forward should be a top priority.
Greengrape Solutions, a recruitment provider and business based in the home of The Women’s Organisation, 54 St James Street is a fantastic example of a women-led business which has experienced growth and the transitioning of creating jobs. Having moved premises twice, and employed 11 staff, they understand the growth of their business;
‘We have had many growth periods over the last 7 years and have employed 11 members of staff. Currently we do not employ any staff, but over the next 3 years, our plans include starting to increase our team in early 2015.’

The Women’s Organisation are challenging Merseyside women in business to step up and grow their business this year through The Venture Accelerator (TVA) programme.
The Women's Organisation are challenging Merseyside women in business to step their business up to the next level through The Venture Accelerator (TVA) programme. Venture Accelerator brings together a dynamic partnership of The Women’s Organisation, Downtown in Business, Agent Marketing and High Performance Consultancy to deliver a highly innovative and effective business growth and business incubation programme, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The programme is aimed at enterprises that have the potential to grow by bringing innovative products and processes to market, scaling up, and internationalising. The programme is available to SME's across Merseyside and provides funded consultancy to enable businesses to prepare for growth, it runs to June 2015.

The Women's Organisation are currently offering free business growth consultancy services through Venture Accelerator business growth programme.  Venture Accelerator is open to women in Merseyside who are ready to significantly expand their business.  Advice around all business growth issues, including taking on staff, are offered as part of the programme.  To find out more contact

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