Friday, February 27, 2015

54 St James Street | Feature of the Month | So-Mo

Just like our Tenant of the Month, who were the fantastic Pink Media, we will also be writing a Feature of the Month about some of the great visitors that we've had to 54 St James Street. Whether they are a recurring client, or a new friend, we get some fantastic businesses coming into 54 St James Street for their events and conferences. This month we talked to John Callaghan from So-Mo...

Please can you tell us a bit about So-Mo, and what it is that you do?

So-Mo is a social innovation & engagement company who work with a wide range of partners and groups.  Our work ranges from the delivery of highly participate events to on the ground social change projects. We can also deliver bespoke facilitation and training.

We believe that good communications and engagement go hand in hand. We can help you create a successful digital profile that will help you to engage both online as well as offline.  Oh, and we are known for making damn good videos!

When did you use 54 St James Street and what for?

We’ve used 54 James Street a number of times as the venue for our iNnovation Network events, this month we ran ‘Don’t be Unlucky in Marketing’ with LCVS, a conference for third sector organisations to learn the tips and tricks of marketing their businesses.

54 James Street is such a good venue for this event because the different spaces offer lots of ways to do break-out workshops and the main room can comfortably hold large audience.

How did you find the facilities and the overall atmosphere at 54 St James Street?

The atmosphere on the day was great and thanks to the brilliant equipment available our audience and speakers were able to engage via twitter to create a buzz that lasted for days. All of the staff were really friendly and helpful and we received lots of positive comments from our attendees about the venue and catering.
Do you think it made a difference to your event holding it here rather than another venue?

Absolutely, being a part of the Baltic and having such good facilities so nearby makes this the best venue for these complex events where many different sessions are taking place at once. The dynamic room layouts meant we everybody knew exactly where to go.

What are the key elements that make an event successful in your eyes?

Every event we do has different aims and goals, but our most recent event hosted by 54 James Street received lots of positive feedback. We asked our attendees if they are likely to work different as a result of attending our event, and 95% of people said yes.
What do you look for in a venue?

It’s important to us that a venue space is bright, light and conducive to learning. Nobody wants to watch a slideshow in a dark, cramped room – so we always use a venue which has lots of sunlight and plenty of room to move and be creative.

Would you recommend 54 St James Street to other businesses?

Absolutely, we are consistently blown away by the helpfulness of the staff at 54 James Street and we know that we can recommend 54 James Street to our friends and have confidence that their experience will be positive.

If someone would like to find out more about your business what contact details can they get in touch on, and do you have a website?

You can read more about us at or you can find us on twitter (@so_mo_co). If you want to get in touch with the So-Mo team you can call (0151) 675 5031 or email

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