Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sane Seven Ltd. & The Button Boutique talk about 'Being Creative in Business' with The Women's Organisation

This morning The Women's Organisation were delighted to welcome a cohort of budding creative entrepreneurs to 54 St James Street for a special event.

Being Creative in Business

Gemma Longworth
Thanks to the RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise Programme the women were invited to join 'Being Creative in Business' to help them understand what it takes to set up a creative business.

Guest speakers Gemma Longworth of The Button Boutique and Viktorija Grigorjevaite of Sane Seven Ltd. shared their journey from idea to setting up thriving businesses.

Gemma talked about how the tragic loss of her brother inspired her to look at how to use crafts as therapy for children coping with grief. Admitting that  self-employment is definitely not the easy option, Gemma let the women know that the reward of doing something she loves and feels passionate about is what makes it worth it for her. If you missed her talk you can read more about Gemma's journey here. 

Viktorija Grigorjevaite
Viktorija talked about how choosing the right voluntary work and opportunities was key for building her network in Liverpool when setting up her visual art and photography business.  No matter how big or small the contract she still aims to ensure that every customer feels important as that all important 'word of mouth' marketing, both women agreed, is the most effective. She also advised to be passionate about what you do and to soak in advice by watching inspirational videos on youtube, reading books or taking in knowledge wherever it is on offer.

Both women had started their businesses as sole traders and have now expanding to become limited companies now either working with or looking to take on staff.  Gemma revealed that she has recently been approached by Channel 4 to take part in a new series as one of their design team, and Viktorija was pleased to reveal she had worked hard to secure contracts with organisations such as Andrew Collinge and Liverpool One, but still has her eyes on Gucci as the next big contract to land.  

Following their inspiring talks our budding creatives broke into groups to discuss the positives and negatives of going self-employed and what their motivations were for starting a business. Jo Austin and Jo Mountfort from The Women's Organisation helped the women to understand their next step and what they would need to consider if setting up their own creative business.

Some of the feedback from the event included:

"It has inspired me to look into business, and becoming my own business and how that would benefit me"
"I enjoyed hearing the guest speakers stories"
"Opened up my ideas on what it takes to start a business"
"It has improved my knowledge by helping understand what to think about starting my business off"
"I have an understanding of how other people have tackled similar challenges"
"I have an awareness now to the amount of organisation/research needed to take creative ideas forward"
"I enjoyed having others points of view and exchanging of ideas"

If you are a woman thinking about starting your own business, keep an eye on to keep in touch with our events and workshops to help you turn your business ideas into reality. 

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