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Tilly's Tips | Planning a Staff Away Day? | 54 St James Street

Week 3 of Tilly's Tips! Each week Tilly will be helping us all out with her useful advice and tips from 54 St James Street...

Team Away Days, or Staff Away Days, can be a great way for your team to feel inspired, reinvigorated and ready for action. Adrian Duncan of P&MM Motivation, which advises and plans team days out for its clients says;
‘Heightened and more productive working relationships can be developed, which, in turn, boost overall efficiency levels across the business. Enabling staff to share an experience and interact with their colleagues in an environment outside of the typical working settings helps them to bond, establish existing relationships and create new ones. Through working together as a team, employees gain an improved awareness of the value of teamwork.’
Whatever the size of your business, bonding as a team is always important. Whether you are running a business with 50-100 employees, or a smaller team with 5-10, making time throughout the year to establish relationships outside of work is a great way to form positive relationships in a fun and motivating environment. Here are a couple of tips, on how to plan a Staff Away Day…
Schedule a day in your diary; agree on this in advance to make sure everyone can attend. Book a venue. There are loads of great venues for team away days, and outside places are really popular. And create an agenda. This should include clear communication of what you want the outcome of the day to be.
Before making any plans, asking staff what they would like to get out of the away day will highlight things that you may not have considered. You don’t need a massive budget to plan a staff away day, if you are prepared to be creative. For example you can hire a conference room, and plan your own activities, or you can pay more and invest in a training consultant to run the activities for you. But if you are being ‘too cheap’ beware! Those around you may realise and therefore be less motivated.
Most away days begin with ice-breakers, and this is something that is easy to find out about online. There are lots of resources on the internet about in-expensive activities which are often table-based problem solving games that help break the ice and gets the conversation flowing. But outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular.
Shawn O’Rourke, founder of HR consultancy Blue Fox Consulting says;
‘If you want to offer something fun like quad-biking, you’ll need to hire a professional. Equally if you’re resolving team issues or using psychometric tests, it’s worth booking a neutral consultant. However, ask for references and sure they ask you enough questions to tailor the programme. A bad consultant could do more harm than good.’
And, of course, it is important to gain feedback when the day is over. Asking your staff what they enjoyed, and asking them to reflect on the day and how they would apply it to the workplace.
‘Try to implement the suggestions that have come out of the day as soon as possible. If you decided team meetings should be run differently, enforce these changes at the next meeting. The away day should kick start a process of change’
If you want to find out more about planning a staff away day, check out these articles, and if you are looking for a venue to hold a staff away day or team building activities, then why not have a look at 54 St James Street?

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54 St James Street has a range of meeting rooms and suites, each one different and designed to host meetings, conferences of private events. We can help you to decide which the right option is for you, and ensure the layout and services are just right to make sure your event is a success. 

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