Monday, February 23, 2015

Woman of the Week | Magaret Simey | 54 St James Street

Woman of the Week is back! Each week we will be posting a blog about one of our great historic women;

Each room at 54 St James Street has been carefully named after an inspiring woman who made her mark in history. The Women's Organisation want to introduce you to some of these amazing women so you can see why they have been recognised at the Women's International Centre for Economic Development (WICED)

This week, we are writing about Margaret Simey

Margaret Simey
4th January 1906 - 27th July 2005

Margaret Simey was a social reformer and local councillor who challenged the Merseyside police over the Toxteth Riots. She was dedicated to the people of Liverpool, and especially Toxteth and similar inner-city neighbourhoods.

She became a national figure – not by her own choice – from the mid-1970’s through her election as a member, and later chairman, of the Merseyside police authority, which led her to question the behaviour of the police and the role of the chief constable, Sir Kenneth Oxford, before and after the 1981 ‘disturbance’ in Toxteth.

Margaret Simey participated vigorously in these developments. As a Labour city councillor for Granby Ward from 1963, she demonstrated both the depth of her local knowledge and her impatience with many of the structures of local government. She realised that, despite all the community institutions, poor people were losing out further, as Liverpool went deeper into economic decline.

Over more than 60 years of social activism, Margaret Simey became the best-known of local figures, tall and purposeful, as she urgently strode the city streets, fearless for herself and indomitable in her support of local people.

54 St James Street is a development of The Women’s Organisation which works for women’s economic progress. The Women’s Organisation has been a non-profit distributing company since 1996 (formerly known as Train 2000). By using the fabulous facilities available at 54 St James Street not only will you be assured of a successful event but you will contribute to the valuable work delivered through The Women’s Organisation.

The Simey Suite has the facilities of plasma screen TV, integrated audio visual and IT. The Suite provides a smart environment ideal for hosting client presentations, board meetings and staff development sessions for up to 10 people. This room also benefits from natural light, heating and cooling systems and free WiFi. 

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