Thursday, April 16, 2015

High Performance Consultancy Continue to Grow and Expand with OneHR Launch - Tenant of the Month

*Edit - Thursday 16th April 2015 - 54 St James Street and The Women's Organisation would like to thank Victoria and HPC for a fantastic three years as a tenant in the building. Her and the team will be missed from the building, but we wish them a happy move, and the best for the future in their new offices, and The W.O looks forward to continued success with HPC as part of our Venture Accelerator Programme.

Victoria Brown, Managing Director and Founder of High Performance Consultancy is in dire need of ‘thirty hour days’ at the moment as she juggles moving house, moving offices and her business expanding at a great rate, all the while launching a new piece of software within HPC – oneHR which is a ‘one stop shop for HR needs’.

The Women’s Organisation who are partnered with HPC (along with Downtown in Business and Agent Marketing) for our Venture Accelerator Merseyside Programme, have known Victoria and supported her in business for many years. Now HPC are moving from their 54 St James Street offices as they expand and plan to take their 15 strong team up to 25 by the end of the year. We got to sit down with Victoria and ask her about the growth of HPC, the new software and her business successes.

High Performance Consultancy which was founded in 2003 provides ‘Human Resource Solutions to business owners across the UK. The service provision is designed to be bespoke to each company, ensuring that the service meets their needs and their budget.’ with a personable aspect being fundamental to everything that HPC do, with Victoria saying; ‘It’s embedded in our DNA and it makes us different.’

Although the route to where Victoria is now has been anything but straightforward! She began her first business aged 17, running training and exercise courses all over Merseyside in church halls, and noticed a gap in the market from the women who attended her classes. ‘I saw these women and their appearances were important to them, they liked to get their hair and nails done, so I trained in Beauty and whilst I was at University set up a mobile beauty business.’

Managing to combine studying at the University of Liverpool, whilst running her own business is no mean feat, but Victoria says it was because she wanted ‘extra cash’. The demand grew and she rented a property, took on 2 staff. The business grew even more so she bought another property and took on even more staff, branching into hair as well as beauty. This was Victoria’s business for 12 years, before she sold it, and during that time, set up HPC.
HPC Staff

‘I think I wanted to make the mistakes in that business, because I’ve always known that consultancy and improving businesses is what I wanted to do, but at that point I didn’t know quite what a consultancy looked like. Beauty is the toughest industry, and I know if I could survive and succeed in that business, I could survive anywhere!’

Starting in a back bedroom, and converting a two-bedroom flat into an office was the start of HPC, and they moved a few times before arriving at 54 St James Street two years ago.

‘We were served a notice of only one month in one of our offices and we rang Maggie (O’Carroll – CEO of The W.O) in panic! Moving to 54 St James Street was the perfect choice because at the point we knew we were going to grow but we didn’t know how much. Because it was a rolling contract, it gelled with our business. We ended up on the first floor with four offices and took over the whole corridor! Now we are up on the third floor with a beautiful corner office with amazing views. I’m definitely going to miss that.’

As HPC continues to grow, they have plans to launch a training arm of the business and recently launched oneHR.

oneHR is ‘A simple and affordable HR software created with small and growing businesses in mind. Whether you have a handful of employees or a number of teams and departments, oneHR simplifies the HR function by providing an easy to use, interactive interface for you and your staff.’

The software is now available for clients outside of HPC’s partners and can be purchased through or by emailing

Victoria says; ‘The idea behind it is that you can run everything from one place, so it has all your HR administration, your contracts, your handbooks, your policies and procedures, everything that you would need from a day to day perspective.’

‘I saw a gap in the market for a piece of software, because the only options were really expensive software that needs in-house staff to manage them. This is perfect if you’re a competent manager and want to run your own HR. It was about trying to find something affordable that can help a business grow, and will grow with a business too!’

With the growth of HPC the way that it is, soon Victoria and her team will need their own HR management! As the business continues to grow and expand at a great speed, we are sad to see the team 54 St James Street, but wish them all the success with HPC and oneHR in the future.

If you want to find out more about HPC or oneHR, use the contact details below to get in touch with the team!

0151 706 8123


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