Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Women's Organisation & Red Ninja Working on Entrepreneurial Gaming...

At The Women’s Organisation we are passionate about getting involved with new projects, whether they are our #IAmEnteprising Project with the City of Liverpool College Students or our Digital Innovations for Growth Academy with our international partners. One of our newest projects that we are involved in, has been kept mostly under wraps on The Women’s Organisation Blog, but we wanted to now introduce it.

The Women’s Organisation has been working with Red Ninja and other partners on ‘Building entrepreneurial capability of Higher Education students through gamification.’ Or, in other words, creating an Enterprise App.

This Enterprise Education Application will enable students to work towards required entrepreneurship learning outcomes in an interesting and interactive way and to build business growth ambition into a new venture creation.

Apps are a massive part of everyday life for a huge majority of people, we read the news via Twitter, we check the weather across the world, we are constantly programmed into and receiving updates on whatever we desire. Gaming apps which involve business and entrepreneurship is a new and evolving market. Games like Simventure have made major contributions to learning through small business simulation.

The app that we are involved in making will be set within a Coffee Shop and the aim is to engage with and encourage young people to become entrepreneurs, whilst embedding important lessons on how to start, manage and grow a new business. With these being The Women’s Organisations main area of focus and services, we are able to work with Red Ninja on the design and ensure the game is as realistic as possible.

Students in Higher Education will be able to use the app to build up the entrepreneurial capabilities and this will be achieved by a number of challenges and tasks that they come up against and succeed in, when they play the realistic and engaging game.

When such a large number of new start-ups struggle within their first few years, this is a great opportunity to use technology to help those interested in entrepreneurship to gain skills digitally before moving into self-employment and running a business. 

Many of the obstacles that young businesses come up against are often a surprise and unexpected so this app aims to combine realistic and expected problems like hiring staff and managing stock with other more unexpected problems that all business owners come across.

 We are extremely excited about the planning of this project and the possibility that it could one day be realised! Keep your ears to the ground for more information on the app!

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