Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Top 5 Twitter Tips To Help Build a Social Media Strategy

We all know Twitter can be good for your business.  But do you know how important it is?

The number of people using Twitter has increased by more than 50 million in the past year. The network now has over 270 million active users.

Over 300 billion tweets have been shared since the network launch.

The average Twitter user follows five or more businesses. Over a third, 37% of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow.

Mobile users are more active on Twitter than desktop users. People with Twitter on their smartphone are 79% more likely to access Twitter several times a day. They’re also twice as likely to use Twitter the moment they wake up.

So using Twitter for your business has never been more important. We racked our brains, and came up with these top five Twitter tips for your quick fix.

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1. Keep Your Profile Up To Date

On your Twitter page, make sure you have a picture, whether it’s you or your logo, anything but the standard twitter picture!

2. Watch and Learn

Don’t feel that you have to jump straight in and tweet all the time. Firstly and most importantly, follow people who you know or want to know. People in your industry, who are doing well in your sector and watch what they post, what type of things they tweet, and how (if they do) interact with other Twitter users
3. Track Trends

It’s easy to get involved in the types of conversation that you want by using Hashtags (#) Use the search function on Twitter to find tweets of interest to you. Just type in the keyword, and hit search. All tweets containing that word or phrase will appear for you. Some hashtags trend, and start networking hours – some great ones are #FF (Follow Friday so you can recommend people to follow to your followers) #SBS (Small Business Sunday run by @TheoPaphitis) and many more!

4. Tweet Smart

The internet is fantastic and dangerous in equal measures. Strong advice is not to tweet anything you wouldn’t say in real life, and although you can delete regretful posts, it’s easy for others to save them for future reference. What should you tweet? Link to information not just from your website, photos of products, advice, questions for interaction and a few (few!) personal tweets thrown in!

5. Interact, not broadcast

There is nothing worse than a tweeter who just sells, sells, sells! People instantly switch off if you are always trying to flog them something. So remember to offer things other than what is for sale, such as advice and insights. Respond to people who ask questions to which you have a solution or an opinion. All of this encourages people to follow you.
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This course is suitable for those who are looking to learn the basics of Social Media and learn how to use it for business purposes. This course can be for women who are starting their own business as well as those who are part of an organisation that uses Social Media for their business. 

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