Monday, May 11, 2015

Up Your LinkedIn Knowledge With The Women's Organisation...

LinkedIn, it’s the Facebook of the ‘Professional’ world, but so many people are unsure of how to use it. Although you may have a LinkedIn profile, is it really working for you? Are all your sections filled in? Up to date? Do you have a professional photograph? And are you endorsing and connecting in the right way?

To help combat some of the confusion that comes from using LinkedIn properly, we are holding a LinkedIn for Business event, here at The Women’s Organisation. On Monday 18th May from 10am-12pm, we will be joined by a host of business owners to discuss the benefits of using LinkedIn properly.

If you are thinking about starting or growing a business that provides service to another business, then this session on LinkedIn is particularly aimed at you! We will be looking at using LinkedIn as a marketing tool for your business and providing you with useful hints and tips to get you started!
The Women’s Organisation Senior Business Advisor Francine Taylor will be chairing the event and will be joined by representatives and owners from Pink Media, Just-Bella, Greengrape Solutions and Sane Seven. All of these business women use LinkedIn to effectively build their business.

Sane Seven’s Viktorija Grigorjevaite says; ‘LinkedIn is an efficient way to keep our important business contacts organised in a simple, easy-to-use fashion, where information about them gets updated automatically. It’s also a good source for new clients and potential clients.’

Our LinkedIn for Business event is perfect for you if you have the basic knowledge that surrounds LinkedIn and how to use it, but want to find out more hints and tips on how to use it better for your business. Book your spot on our Eventbrite our get in touch with us to find out more details! 

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