Thursday, May 7, 2015

Valerie Hughes and her business House of Pearl, now stocked on ASOS...

The Women’s Organisation Client Success Stories, are our favourite type of stories to tell the readers of our blog, and we have a great one this week!
House of Pearl @ ASOS

Valerie Hughes, owner and founder of her fashion label; House of Pearl, now has her collection available on ASOS and their website!

ASOS, the massively successful online retailer, just keeps growing and gives the opportunity to independent retailers to sell their clothing alongside massive designers.

Valerie says of House of Pearl; ‘My objective was simple, a flattering cut, a stylish edge and a look to suit any occasion. My inspiration comes from past and present trends, high street, vintage pieces and unique finds in local charity shops.’

In the past Valerie has received help and support from The Women’s Organisation when she was launching House of Pearl and was paired up with Business Advisor; Francine Taylor.

Valerie Hughes
She said; ‘The Women’s Organisation has been fab. They were great for me because I had no business background and didn’t know how to start writing a business plan. Fran, my advisor, made me realise the importance of having a business plan. I couldn’t have had better support from anywhere else.’

Recently, Val has been very busy, working hard on House of Pearl, and making sure that everyone in Liverpool, and beyond knows about the label. As well as being stocked with ASOS, Valerie showcased her designs at the Liverpool Titanic Hotel, for their Black Tie Charity Dinner and Fashion Show Event. She has also been featured in Issue #2 of #INSPO Magazine, for a piece called; ‘The Making of House of Pearl’, and are also stocked in Moo-Boutique.

It’s clear to say that Valerie has achieved great success with House of Pearl, and is continuing to grow her business both locally and across the country. We wish Valerie all the success in the world with her fantastic label, and are extremely happy to have helped her in the beginning and throughout her journey. 
#INSPO Issue 1 & 2

House of Pearl

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