Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The W.O Helped Merseyside Women Who Run Social Enterprises At 54 St James Street

Last month, as part of our ongoing work supported by RBS’s Inspiring Enterprise event, we hosted a great event; Thinking of Starting a Social Enterprise?
This event was a great chance for women in Merseyside to come together and discuss their experiences and knowledge around starting up Social Enterprises, as well as gain useful advice and tips from our resident expert.
Janie Hyland, a Business Advisor here at the W.O, and a Social Enterprise Specialist led the event. For over 19 years, Janie has worked in the not for profit sector, working hand in glove with social entrepreneurs, SME’s, charities, and local authorities. 
The event focused on looking at other Social Enterprises and the different business models that they take, as well as helping those present define their social value, the different legal structures and how Social Enterprises can sustain themselves.
Janine said; 'This event was a fantastic opportunity for many different Social Enterprises to come together and speak to each other about their experiences. Most of the time within the world of Social Enterprises, each businesses needs can wildly differ from one another's, so learning from each other at this event, was a real success.' 
The event was a real success, and it was great to see so many different forms of Social Enterprises all in the same room, and Janine gave the women at the event the chance to chat about their businesses and their business ideas.
This event was brought to The Women’s Organisation with support from RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise, a project under their Inspiring Enterprise work they complete to encourage a more entrepreneurial culture; ‘From the classroom to the boardroom, we are inspiring enterprise at every stage of the journey.’

RBS say; ‘In the UK, twice as many men as women start a business. We want to change that. We want to enhance the role of women entrepreneurs. RBS has launched Inspiring Women in Enterprise to tackle this issue head on. With access to a support network offering expert advice, together with funding opportunities, we believe more women can be inspired and enabled to succeed in business.’

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