Friday, June 5, 2015

The Women's Organisation May Business Club...Did You Meet The Media?

Back in May, we held our well-loved, annual ‘Meet the Media’ Business Club event. Local business women came together to meet a panel of media experts and discuss how they as businesses could engage with different media forms to get coverage.

The panel was made up on Print, PR, Radio and Newspaper journalists with a combined experience of over 30 years within the field...

First up was Nicola Pink of Pink Media Ltd who took the opportunity to dispel some of the myths about what PR exactly is, and how businesses should engage with a PR agency. Nicola is the director of Pink Media Ltd, and started her PR Company in 2011. Previously she has worked for Granada, Trinity Mirror and many other newspapers across the region, working for a couple of years at the Southport Visitor where she had her own column. For 6 years she worked with a PR company building relationships with brands and businesses across the North West, using her skills as a journalist to secure coverage and results. Her client list at the moment includes Hard Day’s Night Hotel, Sefton Park Palmhouse, Delifonseca and The Epstein Theatre.

Next up was Tony McDonough from the Liverpool Echo. Tony talked about the transition of newspaper news in a digital era and about how journalists needed stories from local businesses to keep their content fresh. Tony gave the audience on his preferred method of Press Releases, saying he wanted facts that were easy to transfer and all the details straight away. Tony McDonough has been a journalist for 23 years, working mostly in newspapers, but also in television and radio. In 2004 he was named Business and Financial Journalist of the Year at the UK Regional Press Awards. In 2002 he joined the Liverpool Daily Post as a business reporter, eventually becoming a deputy business editor. Since the closure of the Post he has worked as a senior multimedia business journalist at the Liverpool ECHO.

The Women’s Organisation also welcomed Melissa Bragg from Let’s Go! Publishing Ltd, who spoke to the audience about niche magazines, the growing trend of them, and how they can be used by businesses to engage with the magazines. Let’s Go! Publishing is an independent publishing house based in Birkenhead with a portfolio of magazines with a niche target audience and specialist directory websites offering highly effective marketing solutions. Melissa’s background centres on advertising sales for newspapers and magazines with over 10 years’ experience in this sector. In addition to this she spent two years as a recruitment consultant in Liverpool. Let’s Go! Publishing was first formed in 2007.

We also heard from Jimmy McCracken from BBC Radio Merseyside who gave the audience a few insider tips and told the women there that their stories needed to have ‘The Gee-Whizz Factor’. Jimmy is a reporter, a producer and a presenter. He gets sent out on jobs and has to make them interesting on the radio. He decides what items get included into a programme and also who gets on air to talk about them. He’s happy to say he also does some acting as well, when he can find the time.

The panel were inviting and open and welcomed lots of questions from the audience, and all in all, the event was a great success! Feedback from the business women present said the same…

 ‘Really interesting view on the Liverpool communication world’
‘I fully enjoyed this evening. Excellent speakers once again’
‘It was a brilliant event. Really very useful. Full of hints and tips. Thank you’
‘Really informative. Great Panel. Thank you so much’

Check out what our fantastic panel have to say all of the time, by following them on Twitter...
Nicola Pink of Pink Media Ltd - @pinkmedialtd
Tony McDonough from Liverpool ECHO - @tonymc39
Melissa Bragg from Let’s Go! Publishing Ltd - @school_select
Jimmy McCracken from BBC Radio Merseyside - @jkmccracken

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