Thursday, July 16, 2015

Advanced Twitter Tips For Business

So you understand the basics of Twitter, but maybe it is time to take the next step and start using some advanced tips and tricks to use Twitter better for you business! Maximise your Twitter experience by reading up on these top tips and joining The Women's Organisation for our Maximise Twitter for Business course! 

1.   Scheduling
Platforms like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are a great way to schedule your business tweets and spread out your posts over a few days or a few weeks. But, remember to pay attention to your live feed and any responses your tweets get. The follow-up and live conversations are just as important as your initial tweet

Devin Desjarlais, a Social Media Manager at Max Borges Agency says; ‘Hootsuite is a free platform that allows companies to schedule tweets for all accounts in one place. That means you won’t have to spend all day planning the next 140 characters to publish. However, check back hourly to see who has tweeted back at you. Twitter users have a short attention span, so it’s important to respond as quickly as possible.’

2.   Observe
Become familiar with platforms like Hootsuite that lets you build ‘streams’ around phrases or hashtags that are relevant to your company. That way, you’ve always got your ear to the social ground.

Desjarlais says; ‘Hashtags are an excellent way to track conversation about a specific topic. With Hootsuite, companies can create streams that track a specific topic, giving you an easy way to find content and engage with other tweeters. For example if your company makes custom guitars, you might want to follow a stream dedicated to the #Music hashtag.’

3.   Don’t rely on your handle
It’s the mark of a successful social company to have plenty of customers tweeting at you or about you using your Twitter handle, but you can’t rely on all users to do that. If you’re only listening out for tweets mentioning @BobsBurgerShack, for example, you’ll miss out on a tweet such as; ‘I wish Bob’s Burger Shack had relish!’

The solution? Enhanced listening techniques

‘ is a little known website that lets users do real-time searches in the social web. Do daily searches for your company’s name and narrow the search results to just tweets to see who is talking about your company but not @-mentioning you.’

4.   Don’t be a Social Egomaniac
While the majority of your tweets will probably be about your business, it’s important to develop a personality beyond tweeting out discounts or new menu options. It’s all about building a human personality

‘The last thing a company wants to do is spam their followers with tweets’ Desjarlais says; ‘Twitter is about sharing ideas, information and occasionally inspirational quotes in order to build a community around what the business offers. Try to tweet at least five times per day and dedicate one or two of those tweets to sending users back to your company’s website.’

5.   Stay on track 
Determining the return on investment of social networking can be a real challenge, especially for smaller businesses that don’t have time or resources dedicated to complex analytics. Desjarlais says free tools are available to make that task just a little bit easier.

‘The URL shortener lets users create shortened links for any URL available online. Sign up for a free account and create custom links or ‘bitmarks’, that can be used whenever you send users back to your company’s website. To see how many people have clicked the link, simply past the URL with a ‘+’ at the end into your internet browser to see up-to-date metrics.’

If you can handle these advanced Twitter tips then you must surely be a Twitter expert! To find out more about understanding and using Twitter in the best possible way for your business, then join Trainer Bernie Cox at The Women’s Organisation for our Maximise Twitter for Business half-day course!

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