Thursday, July 30, 2015

Janice Russell Brings Stella & Dot To Merseyside With Her Own Business...

Janice Russell has incredible jewellery on, and this is the first thing we notice about her. That and her bright smile! She says; ‘Look at this necklace. When I take it off, I’m just wearing a black dress, but on, it’s a completely different outfit.’ And it is, that’s what Stella and Dot jewellery can do to an outfit, and what Janice believes good jewellery should do.

Stella and Dot is an international business, with every Stella and Dot Independent Stylist running their own small business. The business was founded by Jessica Herrin; ‘and her desire to come up with a better answer for women who asked ‘How do I start my own business?’…So she set out on a journey to create a modern, home-based business platform that would be the flexible, lucrative and stylish answer to women everywhere…’
Janice became a Stella and Dot Independent Stylist just over a year ago after seeing a woman with beautiful jewellery on whilst she was on holiday who told her about Stella and Dot; ‘I thought, right, this is something that I would like to do, and it’s great because of the flexibility it gives you. I can dip in and dip out and just do my own hours.’

Previously Janice had worked for over 25 years in Media sales for a wide range of national newspapers and magazines before leaving that world after being offered redundancy which she says as a great opportunity; ‘I welcomed it with open arms, because it was a fantastic chance to do something different.’ ­Now she is running her Stella & Dot business with the freedom and flexibility that she never had before. And what she enjoys about Stella & Dot is that the whole business is so seamless, and works perfectly for her. Having a background in Sales, it was important to Janice that the brand she was representing was a good one, which it is. With celebrities wearing Stella & Dot in magazines, the jewellery being mid-priced range, and the ethos of the business being about empowering women and positivity, it was a perfect fit for Janice.
‘There are no clinks in the armour, and the whole process of running the business is seamless and simple, and I just saw a massive opportunity for it in Merseyside.’ With Stella & Dot you are given the chance to start up your own business for only £169m which is a great opportunity for those who are interested in starting up their own business, but are unable to pour in lots of funds. With this Stella & Dot Independent Stylist’s receive £300 of jewellery, a start-up package, and continued support.
Currently Janice is one of only a few Independent Stylists for Stella & Dot working in the Merseyside region, which could be considered great news for the business, but has also been one of the bigger challenges for Janice as she looked for support networks to connect with. ‘You do really want another Stella & Dot Independent Stylist to be around the corner that you can just ring up and ask if they want a coffee and a chat. That’s been the hardest thing for me; gradually I’ve got to know a few people though.’

Whilst looking for a type of support, Janice began researching Business Support organisations and found us! ‘I found The Women’s Organisation and one of the best things was learning about the digital side of the business. Although I worked in a media-savvy industry for so long, I avoided all the digital aspects. I used to sell digital advertising but didn’t actually know how to work digitally from the other side of the fence. And that’s what I wanted to have more information on.’
 And now as her Stella & Dot business is growing, it’s clear to see that Janice believes she has made the right choice. Stella & Dot works perfectly to fit in with her life, whilst her children study and life carries on at a whirlwind pace. Being able to dip in and out of the business and do just as much as she likes is the perfect solution for Janice. And, of course, all the incredible jewellery that she gets to wear, sell and enjoy! For Janice, Stella & Dot is the solution that she wants!