Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Women's Organisation Are Signatories of The 10% MORE Charter

This week The Women’s Organisation signed the 10% MORE for Social Enterprise charter and received our certificate from the Social Enterprise Network which is now proudly sitting in place on our front desk. We are delighted to be a part of this charter and wanted to take the opportunity to tell our readers a little bit more about this project from SEN Together.

The Liverpool Social Value Charter 2015 is a pledge which businesses are being asked to take. Mayor Joe Anderson says; ‘We want them to commit to the re-allocation of a small proportion of the money which they currently spent outside the city. That could be with suppliers, consultants or sub-contractors. If every business re-directed just 10% of the money which they currently spend outside the city and instead spent it with other businesses here in Liverpool, the impact on the economy would be huge. It is estimated, in fact, that the impact would be an additional £10 billion pounds being pumped into the Liverpool economy every year. That’s why we’re calling the Liverpool Social Value Charter campaign 10% MORE.

The Charter embodies six key principles:

Local Liverpool Employment
Good Liverpool Employers
Green Sustainable Liverpool
Ethical Liverpool Procurement
Supporting Liverpool Communities
It’s Liverpool…Buy Liverpool…Buy Social First

And the SEN say; ‘Using the six key principles, businesses across all sectors should aspire to intelligent commissioning of future goods and services in order to benefit the local economy and the wider community that is Liverpool.’

With so many fantastic Liverpool based and independent businesses here in the city, we are proud to be a part of the 10% MORE charter. The possibilities in the future, if we all agreed to spend within our city, are fantastic and these are outlined within the charter. SEN have said; ‘If just 1 business, from those spending between £100k and £100m per annum, worked with us to divert just 10% of what they spend outside the city region back into Liverpool, and addition £5.6 million would be available to reinvest in the local economy. That’s an additional 230 jobs at full Liverpool average wage of £24k’

If you would like to find out more about the Liverpool Social Value Charter and their 10% MORE project, you can download and read the full charter here! 

And look out for our lovely certificate when you come in and visit us at 54 St James Street. 

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