Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Save The Bombed Out Church - Have Your Say In The Survey

The Women’s Organisation believes The Bombed Out Church is an institution in the city of Liverpool that needs to continue the fantastic work that it already does and grow with the future of the city, and to support this belief we want to tell you all about what is going on!

“Liverpool City Council has launched an online survey in which they seek to determine the public’s opinion regarding the continued use of St Luke’s Church.”

The Bombed Out Church says that their objective has always been to run the church in a way that is complementary to the wishes and interests of the city’s people and are delighted that there is an opportunity for the public to have their say!

Their long term plan for the space is to secure its ‘continued status as a living war memorial visitor centre and cultural venue; through the organisation of community based projects, art, installations and cultural events’

The results of the consultation will lead the Council to appoint an occupier of the Church for the New Year. As we all know The Bombed Out Church and Ambrose Reynolds and his team have invested tens of thousands of hours into the development of St Luke’s as an arts and cultural venue, and they need to be able to continue doing the same! Their plans will involve ‘the considerate and partial redevelopment of the building in order to ensure its safety and improve the onsite facilities’

IF you would like to support The Bombed Out Church to continue doing the fantastic work that they have been doing then you need to complete the survey by Liverpool City Council. The Bombed Out Church say; ‘Please complete the survey honestly, mention your endorsement of our work in the ‘other’ boxes, and when given the opportunity to comment upon what you’d ‘like to see’ happen at St Luke’s, please state that you’d like to see the Bombed Out Church community organisation continue their work within the space.’

And as one visitor wrote in the guestbook of St Luke’s; ‘Preserve The Bombed Out Church as a symbol of the city’

If you would like to fill out the Liverpool City Council survey to support The Bombed Out Church, we have taken a bit of time to craft some answers to the survey questions that would endorse and promote the great work that they do.

We have completed the survey and we don’t feel like the answers to the questions fully reflect what we want to say about St Luke’s so, on each question we took the opportunity to fill in more details in the ‘Other’ box reiterating the work that The Bombed Out Church do.

Please do take the time, to have your say on what you would like to happen to such an important space in the city.

Thank you!

From The Women’s Organisation

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