Monday, October 5, 2015

5 Twitter Tips You Could be Missing & More on Our Twitter Course

Whether you have not yet managed to hatch your egg and get your smiling face on your twitter profile, or if you are confidently tweeting away, there are no doubt a few Twitter tools you haven't yet used to full effect.  Here are 5 to get you started.

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1. Direct Message Shortcut
Did you know that rather than finding someone's profile and initiating a direct message through links on the options menu, or having to go to your message centre and click 'new message' there is an even quicker way to get in touch on twitter? If you type a 'D' at the start of a tweet followed by someone's @name Twitter will send this tweet privately via direct message rather than public tweet. Great little time saver to dart between public and private messages.
2. Twitter lists
Once you have followed a ton of people, trying to home in on important accounts to see what is happening can be tricky.  Building 'Twitter lists' is a great way to do this. To create a list go on someone's profile, click the options button (little circle looking cymbol) next to the follow button.  You will see 'add or remove from lists' as one of the options.  Now you can opt to 'Create a List' to add that person to.  Once a list has been created it will automatically show here and you can simply check the box next to that list to add people to it. Once you have created and added people to a list you can follow the 'lists' link on your profile to find your lists, and click to see just the updates from those people.  Think about how this could make life easier! You could create lists for 'clients', 'suppliers', 'local businesses', 'networking events' so you can easily zoom in on the information you are after. 
3. Direct Message a Group of People
Did you know twitter have now made it possible to send a message to more than one person at a time? If you go to 'messages' and start a new message you can type the @names of whoever you want to send the same message to one after another.  Great way to save time if you need to get the same message out to several people.
4. #Hashtag Networking
There are now #hashtag networking hours for almost anything you can imagine on twitter.  Take for example #Seftonhour, set up on a Tuesday evening 9-10pm on twitter for businesses/people in Sefton to network on twitter, or #Handmadehour on Wednesdays at 7.30pm and Sundays at 8pm for crafty folk to network, share ideas and showcase their projects.  All you do is search for a #hashtaghour that is relevant to you (search area or industry) and there is usually a lead twitter account that will give you details of when to join in e.g. @Handmadehour. During the allocated hour tweet using the relevant hashtag and search the hashtag to find others joining in to reply and retweet them.
5. Twitter Analytics
Twitter analytics are not as obvious as facebook insights so they often get underutilised.  While log into twitter go to and you will open a world of useful data to help you monitor the success of your twitter campaigns. Click 'view all tweet activity' and you can quickly see 'impressions' (how many times your tweet has been seen) and 'Engagements' (who has bothered to click to see more) stats giving you an idea of which tweets have been most successful.  From here you can link together key patterns to identify best times to tweet and which content gets the best reaction. Brilliant!
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