Monday, October 12, 2015

Latest Linkedin Updates Make Groups Even MORE Exclusive

This week Linkedin announced they are making significant changes to how their 'groups' will work, making them easier to use on the go, and more exclusive!

According to SocialMediaToday and other top Social Media news sites, this week Linkedin will be making all groups private.  Up until now you have had a choice when setting up a group to make them public (anyone can join at the click of a button and start discussions) or private (people have to request to join and be accepted before they can take part). As of 14th October this is changing so all groups will become private meaning only group members will be able to view discussions and contribute.  This means that search engines such as Google won't be able to find group content to share in search results, it will be exclusive to members only. The choices for groups will now be:

Unlisted Group
  • Won't appear in LinkedIn's directory listing of Groups
  • Group badges won't display on members' profiles
  • Only Group owners and managers can invite and approve acceptance of new members

Standard Groups
  • Members can invite first-degree LinkedIn connections
  • Members can approve requests to join from these connections
They are also making some amends to the posts within groups meaning the most useful content should show in the group feed whereas things that have been flagged as having a low quality score will be filtered out to a moderation queue for the group owner to look at. 

In conjunction with making Groups private, we hear LinkedIn is also rolling out a standalone iOS mobile app for Groups that will send push notifications for discussions and conversations, with an Android version coming down the road.  This will make it much easier to access and join in group networking on the go.

Venturebeat also reports that Linkedin are making changes to ensure that group users will be less bombarded by email notifications from groups, which is definitely music to our ears.

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