Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Prove, Improve and Account For Your Business With Our SAN Workshop

Something exciting is happening at The Women's Organisation next month...

This two day Prove, Improve, Account (PIA) Workshop will give you an understanding of SAN’s Four Step Social Accounting and Audit proves.The course will be running on the 10th and 11th November.

It is targeted at Social Economy practitioners who want to apply Social Accounting to their own organisations as well as those who will support organisations to undertake Social Accounting.

So! What is Social Accounting and Audit?

Social Accounting and Audit helps you prove, improve and account for the differences you are making. It helps you to plan and manage your organisation as well as demonstrate what you have achieved. Social accounting and audit is a logical and flexible framework which enables your organisation to build on existing documentation and reporting systems and develop a process so that you can…

PROVE – Account fully for and report on your Social, Environmental and Economic performance and impact

IMPROVE – Provide the information essential for planning future actions and improving performance

ACCOUNT – Be accountable to all those you work with and work for

And it will work through the following Four Steps…

Step One – What difference do we want to make?

Step Two – How do we know we are making a difference?

Step Three – What is the difference we are making? Showing you how to collate and analyse data and draft the Social Accounts

Step Four – Can we prove that we made a difference? Looking at the Social Audit panel process that verifies the Social Accounts

The cost of the course will be £375 including a copy of the Social Accounting and Audit Guide & CD (If you already have a Guide & CD the cost is £350)

For further information please email info@socialauditnetwork.org.uk or telephone 0151 706 8111

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