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Where is Your Website? Basic SEO Tips

Many business owners want more sales, and the more that come through their website the better! So you have two choices, work on every word, page and the overall site to improve your sites rankings or pay to be seen. Lets take a look at both of the options and here's a couple of tips on us . 
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SEO - Getting your website higher in the search engines.

If you remember nothing else, remember this: just focus on Google. Almost all searches are completed using Google, a whopping 85%. So you're are focusing on Google.what now. Well read the rules of the game. Google publish what they want from webmasters to rank you higher. Start there. Having read the guide we took from it that you should make your site as informative as possible and make sure your site is easy to use.

4 Golden Rules:

1.    Focus on Google
2.    Read the rules
3.    Make each page informative
4.    Make your site easy to use

There's 4 tips, here are 2 more - add a site map if you haven't got one. And focus on a particular search term for each page. A good example is our Virtual Office page, search Virtual Office Liverpool and we have moved from page 5 to number 4 on the first page! We've done it and you can too. You can book on our SEO course in Liverpool for £25 if you want to learn a few more tips and tricks.

Paying to get noticed

At The Women's Organisation we use Google Ads to great effect. We get over 500 hits a month using this technique, and its growing week on week. Remember no advertising is expensive, if it brings the right results.

Think about this, how else can you target people in a specific area who are searching for your product or service at that very moment? You can target products or services to different areas at different times. What's more, you can start a campaign in the morning and be getting calls later the same day.

Two Most Important Take Aways

Number one, do not think about setting up a campaign unless your website is perfect. I mean you never tire of looking at it and your competitors are quaking in their boots. The site looks great, each page is interesting and all buttons/functions work as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

Secondly, read the guides. That's the same tip as before so here's another, sign up when they offer you a voucher. Every other month we see the 'spend £25 and get £75 for free' - well it's true. We started this way, its free money and gives you chance to practice online advertising.

We regularly run a SEO course in Liverpool. In the morning we focus on SEO and just before lunch cover tips on Google Adwords. Save yourself time and money and learn from people who are doing it and getting results. A place on the course costs just £25 and could save you hundreds in lost revenue from your website being off the radar. Find out more about the course and how to book your place here

by Business Growth Adviser Mike Marsden

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